TPFT Damage

I’m a bit confused :Whistling:

I’m going to go TPFT and also get a biketrac for my scooter when I get it.

If some scrote does nick it and I manage to recover it, if any damage is caused by the thief does TPFT cover the cost of repair?

i would imagine its there job to prove it was already damaged rather than yours to prove it wasnt so cant see why they wouldnt repair it. But if I were you id have a few pictures of it so that if that ever was the case you had proof it wasnt damaged already.


The insurance company will pay out in the event of theft and none recovery. If the bike is recovered but damaged you have to pay to have the damage repaired.

Thats really bad.

TPFT should mean third party fire and theft. Therefore if the damage is caused as a result of theft or should be covered.

If a vehicle is recovered after a theft it will be up to the insurance company to decide if it is a total loss or not.

Any theft solved by a personal recovery may be looked at more carefully than a police recovery.

Call your insurance company and ask them. It should also be in the terms and conditions of your policy.

When you say “it should”, do you mean that the law requires it, or just that it seems fair for it to and so you’d expect it?

Moral of the story, if you’re tpft and your bike gets nicked, don’t go looking for it.

I was just explaining what each letter of tpft stands for. At the end of the day if you have theft cover you should be able to claim for damage caused by a theft.

On a side note if you were fully comprehensive the theft cover is normally the same theft cover as on a tpft policy. The only difference is comprehensive also covers you for damage resulting from something which was your own fault but this party would not.