Toy runs

So again no bike this year really gutted I’m not going to make one…

Who’s heading out on one this year and does anyone want to go two up?

Of all the runs I love these, always gives me a warm feeling inside…

I am part of the support team for both the Ace Cafe Toy Run on 14th December and the Phoenix Motorcycle Training Toy Run in South London on 6th December.

Details of both are on Facebook, but remarkably well hidden from the rest of the internet!

I am planning to do the Phoenix one, hope the weather holds

Have only just seen this. How many people usually turn up for the Ace one?

A few years back you could count on several hundred. Wasn’t at last year’s but the recent ones I have attended it is more like 80-100. Phoenix is about the same number. They are very different rides. The Ace run goes trough central London, the Phoenix one usually goes through several towns south of Croydon and the lanes across the downs in between. This year Phoenix is going to a different destination so unsure of the route.

I went to the Ace one not last year, but year before. It was very busy, it was a nice experience. But I won’t be able to make this year which is a shame.
I had trouble keeping up but then I was on a new bike at the time.
It goes through central London, past Harrords ect, you will love it.

Thanks guys. It does sound good, I’m tempted. Is anyone else from LB going?