toy run

well i didn,t actually get to talk to anyone from here but did see you on your bikes and did undertake you all as i headed off to sheperds bush

maybe next time

but it was a great day and you lot are mad

I did see u shot down the slip for the bush, thought u was gona come back on in front of the police escort (thought wish I fort of that, was getting bored ) next time come say hello, we are always at the Ace friday nights

Sorry i missed you, maybe next time.

What a great run out and a good atmosphere.
It was so nice to see hundreds of bikers bring smiles to the crowds in London too.

Good to see you all today and hope to see you again soon.

GG (9th pic)

Great day out , so good to be back on the bike again, nice to see you all and meet some new members

Nice to see John got his bike started after he got home , met him and GG up High beech when I got home


Yep, great day today! Icefloe, you should have come and said hi. I would have made sure Terry-Moto didn’t bite you, lol.

Some of us went to Boxhill with after the Ace then JimC kindly escorted some of us to a lovely pub for some proper grub before we headed home in the freezing cold!!

I dont bite wot have i done mind u followin Anna’s ass up to box mite ave changed fings

Oh yeah, is that who you’ll be imagining tonight with your box of tissues

Top girl though

…box of tissues, na emptyed out at st thomas’s, they paid £15 a pot, so i got £7.50 cause the nice nurse wouldent give me a hand

Yeh she is cool, excellent rider

You are NASTY (but i love it, lol )

terry ,you said the same about that police women that was leading the run to day.

That’d be “Bikesafe Kate”. Brave lass, not everyone stays in the same job when etc etc…

Actually I thought she led the best Toy Run yet - we got all the bikes circling Parliament Square more than once for once!

As for the extra leetle ride - at least we now know the Haut Boy in Ockham is biker-friendly (well, Elf friendly at least) now that the “Mucky Duck” now doesn’t want ‘our sort’ - whatever that means, and although they don’t do food after 16:00, the “Jovial Sailor” in Ripley does.

p.s. It was nice to lead some bikes that kept up for once!

had a great day, good crack

you had lovely weather too today which is typical when i’m in bed with it coming from both ends

and its nothing to do with drink either

shame i missed it

Fantastic day. A truely worthwhile cause, excellent company, great camerarderie and beautiful weather. Even the law did a bloody good job. Thoroughly enjoyed the day and my bike even started when we got home!!

can we do it all again tomorrow???

For me this wa the best toy run and i`ve done 4 of them.

funny enough my bike started when i went home to try and start it, if it hadnt of started id have gone up box hill in the car

I forgot all about it! Damn not having tinterweb at home! Went for a bimble to Brighton instead - doh!