Towing a bike trailer with a Mini One

I want to get a bike trailer for my track bike, so I don’t have to keep riding to bloody tracks or relying on mates with vans.

My car wont tow due to a centre exhaust.

My g/f has said I can use her car, it is a Mini one (09), some web sites say later Minis are not cleared for towing, others say they are, but there seems to be towbars out there for them.

Has any one towed with a Mini one?


Try this

I have read some BMW minis can’t tow
Have you thought about a cheap small van or pickup ?

Did Rixxy tow a trailer with his Mini? I know Rob tows a trailer with a 1.0 Yaris with no problems.

It’s not the towing that’s a problem
Tow bars are only allowed to mount the the manufactures mounting points so if a car isn’t quoted as being able to tow there won’t be any mounting points

Yep I’ve towed with the little yaris for a few years now and no problems. It even manages to do the huge hill climb near cadwell park!

I’d guess minis are able to tow however check the user manual for your exact model/version.

That should confirm whether or not it is able to and details do what the vehicle is rated to pull.

As for mounting points I don’t know wether or not that will be in the manual…I guess a tow bar fitted would best advise you on that.

now days its not the size of the engine or car its to do with the crash crumple zones

its cheaper for the manufacture to design a cars crumple zone without having to take into account building in mounting points for towbars & stuff you add strength to a crumple zone it wont crumple

in the old days towbars bolted to the chassis rails and or bumper mounting & some people even made there own towbar the law changed around 1994 that all towbars had to pass a test & use the manufacture’s designed mounting points & there was a few mainstream cars where manufactures hadn’t bothered with providing holes & made those cars unable to tow & if I remember it was Vauxhall

some minis are designed to accept a tow bar some are not the best thing would be take it to your main dealer & ask they will probably ask for your chassis number

Thanks all, ill go the main dealer and ask, get it from the horses mouth as it were.

Or you could ask Ifor Williams as they make the trailers if they do one for your model…