TOWiE Tour Part 2 09/08/15 (Inc Fish & Chips)


The Mrs has given me a Full days pass on Sunday the 9th as her Mum is coming down for the weekend and they are going out all day, therefore i’m testing the water for a TOWiE Tour for that day.

The ride will start as Usual from the Tea Hut at High Beach at 09:30am with a departure time of 10am, we will go from the Tea Hut to the Kings Oak for a Toilet break (Trying not to drop the Bikes this time!!) From there we will go on to Finchingfield for another Toilet and Fag break (No food stop at Bosworths), We will then head off to West Mersea for a nice Sea Food or Fish & Chips Lunch. From there we will hit the Burnham Bends and the (N)ice Cream parlour at the Bottom of the Bends for a light rereshment and Toilet break, After this we will hit the Burnham Bends once more as we head Home and towards the final stop in Brentwood (M25 Brook Street Roandabout) where we can say our Goodbyes and head our seperate ways.

Usual Rules Apply

No Nobbers
No Hero’s (Accept the GoPro Type, But please do not post any videos with Number Plates in show)
No Double White Line Over Takers
30 means 30 (Respect the Villages)
Cornerman System will be used
Pace will be brisk but not stupid, Ride your own ride as it’s not a Race
125’s Welcome but would advise that you have been on a rideout with us in the past so you are familiar with the way we run a Rideout
Arrive with Empty Bladders and Full Tanks
The roads will be Dry and No Fords will be attempted on this Run

As always i’m happy to organise the ride but would like a Leader & Tail Gunner to step up to the plate :slight_smile: otherwise i’m happy to lead.

Feel free to invite anyone that is not an LBer, The route is not set in Stone so i welcome anyones suggestions for route plans but would like to stick to Finchingfield, West Mersea & Burnham as the 3 stop off Points, I don’t plan on stopping at Bosworths as finchingfield will just be a rest stop rather than a food break, the main Lunch Break will be at West Mersea Oyster Hut (where we stopped last year) and then again at the Ice Cream Parlour in Burnham for some lovely fresh Nice Cream!!

If you are new to the cornerman system, make yourself familiar with this Video.

I’ve checked the Weather for all locations of the ride and all looks good so shouldn’t have to cancel due to the weather.

Are you sure you have got the date, time and location right? Are you sure you can get a day pass. Just asking…?
If this ride does go ahead I may join you till lunch and bugger of to work.

LOL, yes, this time i checked, double checked and then re-checked before pressing “Post Topic” :slight_smile:

Cool, hopefully you can come Nick.

After reading your long list I find that I can’t make it cos I’m packing for my hols.(bugger)

lol. Oh well, enjoy the Holiday :slight_smile:

I’m probably a maybe, if you did it the wrong way round I’d be a definite maybe, whatever the weather.

Just checked the archived ITN files and found one bike meet, two comfort breaks, three fuel stops, four greasy spoons, five nice cream parlours, six fish & chip shops, eight cream tea stops and 53 fords visited on 17 previous TOWiE sorties!

The first TOWiE’s were run in 2010 and included Royal Oak for the ladies, Finchingfield ride past, New England, Tiptree Shell fuel stop,Tiptree Tea Rooms luncheon, The Burnham bends with nice creams at Bradwell Marina. Returning to High Beech via The Hanningfields and Ongar Esso Express. TOWiE I was ridden clockwise, TOWiE II same route ridden anticlockwise. No fords were visited.

Other TOWiE’s, often copied never equalled ;-), have also been run by george, the Blackheath Tea Boys, Joby, TheOC, Curly Ally, Alba, The West London Crew and Marmablade (and probably others that have slipped through the net).

To be fair this is probably TOWiE XXVII (wonder if Jay could spare the time to edit the title?)

TOWiE trivia

Which landmark Essex town has never been visited on a TOWiE rideout? (Joby your excluded as it was your idea but, as far as I know, never taken up)

lol, OK, TOWie Tour XXVII it is :slight_smile:

Is that unvisited Essex Town Maldon?

you can FUK off if you fink Maldon wants a load of noisy bikers this Sunday

lol, They won’t here us as they will be too busy shagging their sisters :slight_smile:

im not coming im off to the museum of power motorcycle show

Not Maldon

Museum of Power this weekend, that crept up on us

Im definitely in for this!
I know 30 means 30, but if we’re going through Maldon and the locals are indulging in Sam’s said pass time, I think we are at liberty to break that rule…

It’s OK, they are thicker than the Monkey Hangers so won’t notice us :slight_smile:

What’s your rough ETA for lunch? Just gonna work out when to peel off

excuse me sir, next sunday we’re supposed to be doing Ink’s ride apparently? the one that was postponed because of the rain?

when you get to Maldon im going to get mrs Wise & her work colleagues to roll out the welcome speed trap

@ Alba, Oh yes i forgot about that. OK, if that is still on then cancel this and we will do Inks ride :slight_smile:

lol @ Wise, OK i take it back :0)


LOL :smiley:

on a more serious note
there are regular speed traps in most villages within the Maldon district that includes Danbury (Danbury comes under Chelmsford ) over the last few weekends please don’t fall foul to them