TOWiE Saturday 19th November 2016

Saturday 19th November 2016 rain or shine TOWiE, Old Lags reunion and road testing of replacement oil seal etc.

Meeting at The High Beech Tea Hut at 1030 hours GMT for an 1100 hours or thereabouts departure to somewhere else /discuss.

A moderate paced, non-motorway ride employing the corner man system as required. Arrive on a roadworthy bike with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Have with you sufficient funds to cover the costs of fuel and nibbles for the day. No boy racers, no girl racers, no white line overtakers, no late brakers, no whingers and no Fords. Everyone else welcome.

Ride safely, at your own pace and enjoy the day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the corner man system check out Andy’s most excellent Ride out Guide below

Oil be there :grin:

Noticed the turn-off at the last roundabout is labelled “high beach”, discuss

Beech as on the 1892-1905 Ordnance Survey map, 1897-1907 Bartholomew 1/2" map, 1937-1961 Ordnance Survey map and in High Beech Loughton (the road between Cross Roads and Avey Lane which is actually part of Waltham Abbey Civil Parish), High Beech Road Loughton (the road leading to High Beech from Loughton), High Beech C of E School, High Beech Golf Club, High Beech Hall (local manor house) and Beech House (local private residence).

So it’s a spelling mistake then?


Tis relevant …

Due to sandy nature of ground

In February 1928, an oval cinder circuit to the rear of the Kings Oak public house was the venue for Britain’s first motorcycle speedway meeting.

No need for Mablethorpe

Time travel?

Last High Beech Speedway meet was 1967, next Mablethorpe meet 27th November 2016 :slight_smile:

Read all about here

and here

Someone, somewhere, somewhen  famously said that the second man ever to ride a motorcycle rode it to a meet with the first man ever to ride a motorcycle for a race!

Excellent Rideout didn’t notice the Ford until we were on top of it, thanks for leading NT.

Bit of a trek back from Finchingfield, both road up to Fyfied and Blackwell Tunnel closed by police, each attended by amberlance and multi fire engines. Think the Fyfield was a biker not sure with the Tunnel but was at a standstill.

The mystery win was £2.70, so no Kawasaki H2 for me yet.

We did two fords today, one with and one without. I was hoping for a little more water to wash the mud away.

Today’s TOWiE was a rerun of last weeks TOWiE with the addition of a mystery tour beyond Wendons Ambo. Plan A was to get to Finchingfield via Saffron Walden and Radwinter not Thaxted but hey ho it was all good Essex tarmac

180+ smiles, happy days

2 ford’s!? I shudda come