tower hamlets "smart" car used for cctv work

£50 fines in tower hamlets for turning left from Wentworth Street to Commercial Street,-0.074808&sspn=0.008999,0.019891&ie=UTF8&ll=51.516928,-0.073493&spn=0.009,0.019891&z=16&om=1

Complained to the council that the signage is crap …(tho’ they have spared no expense at the £2 camera sign) …the painted road sign is not visible !!

Anyway be warned …a smart car parks illegally on double yellow and records all the folks that have been turning left here for years…complained to the council about double standards/hypocrisy …chocolate teapot anyone ?

They do the same in a few areas now.

In Camden they do the it but instead of parking on double yellows etc. they park on the pavements :angry: