Tower Bridge Jump

Did Anyone see this this morning? Looks pretty impressive…

Beaten to it by 17 minutes … lol.

Pretty Impressive but not as good as his Las Vegas Jump - that one scared me just looking at it !

He’s not exactly leaping the thames like it says on the bbc site but a jumps a jump I suppose, I thought it would have been a bit more daring than what it was.

I’ll have to check all the sections first next time :wink:

Channel 4 news - has it on soon

(was included in the…“and later” bit during the headlines)

are they not showing it at half 7 on channel 5?

So they are - C5 as we speak

I just watched the jump - I didnt realise how steep his take off was! Cool bloke :slight_smile:

managed to see this live, it was an awesome jump, you just dont realise how steep it was and how near he was to the tower on the landing !!what a nutter:D and apparently he cant stand drinking red bull !

it aint the first time the open bridge has been jumped, it was done 40 years ago in a double decker bus with pasengers on board:w00t: