Tower Bridge - Biker Down

TB is still closed, there’s a Ducati with a missing front fairing on the south side (northbound). Sadly it looks like there was potentially an injury, a boot remains and there’s some blood on the road. So a leg injury seems likely.

Tooley St/Jamaica Road is at a standstill but it won’t be much of a problem for 2 wheelers as there’s a 24hr bus lane.

RAC road report says bike and pedestrian involved.

Ah that would explain the chaos last night. Dunna sound good, for biker or ped.

Always a bit hairy on that bridge, loads of bikers/scooters filtering down the very tight middle, whilst there’s tonnes of cyclists on the inside causing cars to move over as they overtake…

Was wondering. Hope everyone’s OK. Anyone see what duke it was?

Monster according to this:

The bike was reportedly clipped by a car that caused a change of direction that meant he hit the pedestrian :frowning:

That sounds very serious - fingers crossed for the pedestrian.

ouchies. GWS all parties injured.

a comment at the bottom of the article says the man lost his life. i feel so sorry for the rider too, not his fault but he must feel awful. i would and it would be a living nightmare

Picture shows something else. 999 perhaps?