Tourist Trophy

Ok seeing as im not in London, otherwise i would have raced against you guys, on the Playstation2. i have decided to do my fastest lap of the nurburgring on the game. my fastest lap so far is 7 minutes and 13 seconds.

Can anyone beat my score?..

Man, this game is SO good it’s unreal, I can’t believe how realistic it is! I want a PS2 now after babyJ lent us his for a month. He’s taken it back now and I have withdrawl symptoms.

Waiting for the PS3…

what bike you on??? are you on manual gears??? professional setting or normal???

Gonna try now. Duc 999r or gixxer thou endurance?

Can’t get below 8mins! not happy. Gonna try the bmw now as it’s gots loads of torque

I use manual, and i have adjusted the settings, but only the brakes and suspension. and a little of the riding form. which bike, is a secret.

try doing it without falling, then get faster and faster. my bike tops out on the long straight at 235mph.

Never played it spend all my spare time riding a real bike cough cough!!!

I can do it just under 6.40 in my cosworth powered rally bike but that took me aaaaggess to do a perfect lap with no mistakes and to get the bends and braking spot on - Im pretty crap with the high power bikes I cant keep it in a straight line!

That’s an awesome time
My best is 7.22 on the Trickstar zx10, but auto gears, I have a great setting for rider form, and adjust all the settings possible.
I know I can improve on that time, just need to keep practising
I have got the specials - Suzuka 8 hr bikes - Blade, R1, Gixxer and zx10.
Are there any other specials? Not heard of the cosworth rally bike?!
How do you get that?

Well chuffed with TT. Love the ‘riding simulator’ aspect. Since BabyJ’s PS2 went home with him recently, we couldn’t resist and bought one plus TT for just over a ton. It was an impulse purchase as well

Got my licenses, got the K5 1000 RM and slowly adding more now, love it! We need to do something more on LB with games I think. Hoping to get TT runing at the Brazen meet soon…

The endurance bikes wont be as quick as their RM brothers

Have now done all the races just going though and unlocking the rest of the bikes (already have all the good ones!))

the best bike i think is the yoshimura, so ridiculously fast, its scary, got the YSP & Presto R1. thats quite nice aswell, the kwak is one of the only bikes that i can wheelie at 200 mph + on 6th gear, and i still love to ride the 125cc and the 250cc round the tracks, braking closer to the bends, sometimes i beat my friends on a 125 while they ride the R1 or GSXR Thou. i dont believe that guy can do it under 7 seconds, thats just not possible. he must be talking about real life.

i love this game, i hope they bring out another one… im addicted.

even the girlfriend is getting jealous, saying the playstation gets more attention then she does.

i can even do the 180 degree stoppie and face backwards, now thats how you know i play it wayyyy too much!..

My best time is 7mins 22secs (not 7.22secs), I can still go faster, that was with 4 crashes, and on Trickstar zx10r, haven’y tried doing it with Race modify’d bikes, as figured they slower than the specials.

Are you using the Yoshi GSXR1000?

I hope to get within touching distance of your time, but could take ages!!

Is a great game, keeps me out of bother.

Respect to your stunts!

lol… yeah its with the yoshi 1000 GSXR, when you play with the gear ratio you can increase top speed quite dramatically, so i set it to 235mph. im sure i can improve on my time too, just gotta practise.

It would be soo good if you could play 4 players.

The PS3 version will be Gran Turismo HD, combining cars and bikes! I can’t wait… Though I may have to if the Ducati 1098 is as good as it looks.

Stay Loyal Jay… Stay Loyal.

Huh? It’s still a Playstation The PS2 is only to tide us over until PS3 next year, then it’ll go on eBay!

He’s talking about bikes…Stay loyal to Suzuki

I’d never only buy one manufacturer myself even though I love Yams…That 1098 has got me too.