tourist trophy screenshots..

good work gregman!!! nice one…

mumg1:i so need to pass you my memory card…lolololl!!!

im brewing up a few more…


Try a bigger bike, Gregman

ok i will do it.!!!lol

Copy smiled … Tut Tut

Im ashamed Gina

Shall go on there later and get some good ones

OK…here is another…I was playing around with controlling the camera directly…the others were “default” shots.

(And where is the fun in getting a bigger bike? I want to go faster on MY bike!! )



awesome feature that…


How did you play with the camera directly ?

hes making me do it…im gaged and bound…and tied to the chair!!!

I dont believe you Gina

heres some more of me in newyork with a busa…

god i love this game!!!






Good pics

The picture quality is accually really good


thought you might like that one busa…lol…

yea ali…crackin quality isnt it?..good enough for…wait a god dam minute…ive just put that first one as my desktop wallpaper…lol…looks great!!!..might do this for people…make wallpaper for them using my TT game…lol…i reckon i got a good eye for this you know……bit of fiddling about tho…but it does submit a bluddy good photo…oops screenshot…looks like a photo sometimes dont it?

well chuffed smiled.

Record a replay video…while the replay video is playing, hit the select button…this will bring up all the various camera control functions. I had a blast messing about with it…adds an entirely new dimension of fun to the game.

please can i get off this chair!!im geting a sore bottom???pleaseeee

Yeah brill pic quality

Cheers for that ill have a go a bit later

Here are a few taken this morning while blasting about the Deep Forest Circuit…I like this track alot too…catching big air and then IMMEDIATELY getting all over the brakes for T1 is wicked huge fun…I like the high speed entry into the final left hander leading on to the Start/Finish straight too.





Good pics there

Got a few more myself getting air and endo’s

Pic 3 is on a Yamaha Tzr 125 race modified … going round Nuringburg





I had a flirt with saving some photos last night, though they’re not fantastic. I’m thinking we should start an official competition-style thread for TT (and other bike games) screenshots. What do you think? I think that when the PS3 comes out with GT-HD, there’ll be a lot of interest in this.