tourist trophy screenshots..

post ya best here…

mee first…







How do you do this?

Take camera shot and put on computer or use some other technology?


Nice one Smiled

I’ll have to plug the ps2 into the pc and do the same…

one small prob…that’s a G-Sexer… being ridden stylishly…that can’t be right!


toby…why you!!!..lolol

nope…just take the picture on your ps2 right?

then insert one of them flash memory keys into the usb port of said…ps2…

save the photo to flash key as directed in the photo options…still in ps2…

once saved then remove key in question and insert into pc…there done mate…


Cheers smiled

Will have to put some of my shots up … got some gd ones

I shall post them up later on tonight so check

no probs mate…

should be a comp i thinks…lol…

winner gets a frre lb tshirt…lolol…

only cus i aint got one yet…hahahaha


lol Bring it

I got a t-shirt and i dont ride … i jus on the back of my dads all the time till im 16 in november

it’ll be here b4 you know it mate….

try not to sneeze…or you’ll miss it.


Do you get to give out t-shirts free or … ?

Yeah !!!

How about them lol





I’ll give this a go when I get home tonight…I have a 64mb flash stick…should be a piece of cake!


Get some competition going

Here some more for yu guys





Bit more practice needed

Im not normally falling off … just havent played it for a while

ali remind me NEVER to let you go on my bike…

shane did you want to see mine!! but then i wiil have to disspose of you as you mite pick up my style and compleat the game??!!lollol

Here are a few taken a few moments ago…round Laguna Seca on the GSX-R750. I can’t get out of the 1.37’s to save my life.





there brill all of them!!!