Tourist Trophy Game

So then how is everyone getting on with Tourist Trophy? Anyone completed it yet?

havent even got it yet, have you played tt superbike its the offical game of the tt

Yup nearly completed it and lent it to a mate of mine. Cracking game it is too! Liked it a lot!

Not yeat but an awsome game. Really enjoying it. What do you think?

ive stiil not finnished my expert licence yet .i have to prize my son off it first

nothing planned for tonite so i may have session on it later

just got my expert licence to complete

Got all the licences but struggles on a scooter in the races!!

soon worked out to do the challenges first to get the necessary bikes then go race…

Great game.

Im still struggling with it its good usually every games too easy i thought it was easy at the beginging but it seems to be getting harder which games should do,

Oh i dont know if anyone knows but u can plug a usb stick in to the ps2 and save ur pics on it heres some,





Played it for first time last night! Very impressed with it, love the graphics and the game play its all good. Soon as I get up and running with it I shall be posting lots of pictures of in game action

I’ve almost finished it too. It’s quite a fun game, but am I the only one who thinks the handling is a bit “iffy”? I know it’s just a computer game, but stamping on the front brake whilst fully lent over and getting away with it doesn’t seem right to me. Although the graphics aren’t as good, I think I prefer Riding Spirits 2.

Almost completed it WTF how much do you play it games looks huge!

Is there many more bikes to aquire than the standard set in arcade?

I’ve not really done much in Arcade (apart from playing around on the Nuburgring). When I said “almost completed”, I was referring to TT mode and the Challenges/licenses/etc. Yes, it’s quite a lot, but I got the game earlier than most

BTW, the nicest sounding bike by far that I’ve found is the MV Agusta F4 1000 Racing Modified. It’s an incredible sound. Shame it’s probably the slowest of the 1000cc RM bikes. Anyway, if you have your ps2 hooked up to a decent sound system, win this bike (think it’s one of the K1200R challenges) and whack up the volume!!

Cool, I have got my PS2 linked up to my huge stereo, gonna make it a priority to win that one then. I was impressed by the sound of the bikes actually quite realistic!

I’ve only played for about an hour, but I must admit Im finding Tourist Trophy pretty tough going, unlike riding a bike!! lol

Basically, ignore everything you know about how a bike reacts to throttle and brakes and “drive” the bike as if it were more like a car. Then you’ll do fine! That’s my main complaint about the game.

If anyone hasn’t tried Riding Spirits 2 then I recommend a copy. Loads of bikes. loads of tracks, pretty good handling. It’s a very old game so don’t expect graphics like TT, but it’s a lot of fun.

I may have to search the net for a cheat to just unlock everything rather than spending hours and hours to complete it! I know slap my wrist

I am really enjoying the game, heres a few shots of some hooliganism with a brutal and some attempted slides with a MV Aususta (where else can you afford to do it ):

By the way cookies to anyone that can beat my lap time on Grand Valley East, on a ZX6R (Road bike) of: 1.06.631

I just won the TRIXSTAR suzuka 8h race bike but it won’t let me use it??? ant ideas?