Tourist Trophy game pictures

I have been busy doing some races this evening so thought I would share my pictures with ya!

Cool eh!


nice pics,keep em coming

nice pics but you really need to back that DRZ in, looks sweet in the pics

Its a good game but im disappointed with the TT mode, like how you can get anybike just by doing a challenge

Its like they gave up half way through in my opinion, should of made it GT4 on bikes, like starting with 20k and buying a used 97 600 etc then tuning it up, racing it, build money up, sell it to get faster bike, tune that up etc. Start with old cheap gear and earn your way up to a full power ranger suit/light jacket etc

Still, i just muck about on arcade, by doing drifts and wheelies etc then setting a laptime on the ring with a gixxer 750 then trying to beat it on a different bike etc

Cheers mate.

The DRZ does look cool shame its p1ss slow in the game Like real life I suppose

i want it…i want it!!!



yeah i know lol, no real twisty courses on the game and only the dtracker wheelies and stoppies

That game looks fookin amazing!!! I want a copy, except I have no console, or spare time (lol), doh. Nice to see the Suzuki’s (defacto, best bikes) feature heavily Maybe we should have a TT night? Could get the publishers involved maybe.

Terry picture of your telly screen???

you really need to open your front door a bit more, step outside

Ok, heres some of mine


O.k heres a question. Is this game that good? Am I gonna have to buy it, learn it and woop some ass? I can feel a challenge

heres a couple of mine from earlier


i rented tourist trophy and have been playing it most of the day tis rarther good

DUH how upload pics to pc tho? do i need a flash stick or sumantt?

yes just put your usb memory stick in the front of the ps2, then when you have done a race go to the photo gallery, and you can save pictures to your memory card or to your usb stick

jaysus thats some graphics. pity theres no bandits in it lol. then i could get me knee down without crapping meself lol.

Consuls are cheap now days not like when I brought mine £300 the day it came out you can always find time for a game like this

nice countersteer -highside

Game rocks! Nice pics everyone!

I dont know how to take them though

Here is what you get when you finish all the challenges (although something else unlocks after this, I won’t spoil the surprise)

The bike is Kyonari’s 8hr Suzuka Honda Fireblade.


hey jay that would be a cracking idea…a TT night…

sorry to dig this thread up, but just got myself a usb stick

Proper pics

Right just been and got a flash stick. No stunt pics yet mainly just camera poses lol

Looking good (in a virtual kinda way!)