Tour De France

The Caravan (Floats and Enterage) has just gone past my Office, Can’t beleive the size of this event, the Bikes are about an hour and a half away and the convoy has already started passing!!

I may pop down at 3.30pm when it’s expected to go past my Office, anyone else watching it?

I’m just across the river but suspect that it’ll be rammed by the time the bikes come through and lower Thames street is unlikely to make for exciting views so I’ll probably give it a miss.

I’ve just been watching from the roof of my buildings canteen which is the entrance/exit to the Underpass at The emankment so it’s perfect viewing and not busy at all!! think i will watch from there when the Bikes go through :slight_smile: Other than that Puddle Dock (rear of the Mermaid Theatre) is completely empty right now and has great views of them coming out of the Underpass

My office is next to the monument and there is a bridge that looks over L Thames street, so will be watching from up there to see them come past.

It would be awesome if this was a motorbike street race!

I was just saying the exact same thing! could you imagine the noise coming through Limehouse Tunnel or the Underpass at Upper Thames Street!!

yes that would be much better than this shite.

there were talks about doing a formula 1 GP into London but never materialized. they do bring us instead one of the most overrated sports in the world. with some of the highest cases of doping. awesome.

somebody explained to me also when have UK become a French province? :laugh:

1066 wasn’t it, I never paid much attention in history :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky you, all I got to see were the cordoned off roads on my 1 hour 15 minute journey home thanks to this race.

That was the iggest load of crap!!!

What a waste of Time!!!

Worst thing is i now have to battle the road closures to get home!!

Anyway, here’s a little Vid of what i got to see. :slight_smile:

Bloody cyclists, not riding single file, flying through red lights, I reckon they were speeding too. Police were right there and did nothing about it :wink:

Grand tour cycling doesn’t really make for great excitement unless you position yourself correctly for a sprint finish or something. Generally it’s a breakaway group, a peleton whizzing past at 30+mph, a line of stragglers and then it’s all over. Better suited to watching on TV with a few beers where you can watch the tactics unfold.

I’ve never really understood why it’s so popular compared to more interesting cycle events (which is just about all of them). It’s a bit like formula 1 - it’s fast on paper but watching it live is pretty dull, nowhere near as good as rally/touring cars but t seems to be what people want to watch.

I’m with silveR6 here - I’m amazed anyone follows or sponsors this annual battle of wits between pharmacologists and drug testers.

I’m also annoyed at how they always seem to get roads closed off for their hobby (not the pro events). How do I go about booking the B184 to be shut and one-way only for members one Saturday? That’s my hobby.

The fun was in doing the route reccy the day before :wink:

bloody good point!!!

Sunday’s works best for me though.


Only if your clad in skin tight Lycra. :smiley:

bloody hell you lot are grumpy. I quite like it. it is the biggest single sporting event in the world, in the 3 weeks of the race it is viewed by over a billion people, 20K spectators on the Yorkshire routes at the weekend, which gave their economy a much needed boost and showed all watching what a beautiful county it is, which will hopefully continue to feed the economy. the good it does far outweighs any minor inconvenience to us or what it cost to close some roads for a day. And if the French are willing to share the massive draw that is the TDF with a few other countries the good on em. Corsica got the Grand Depart last year, made a few million off it I would presume.

its a race, and an entertaining one, one thing I do agree with you all on though, is when are we going to see a London street circuit? a London TT would be spectacular!! and the F1 thing is still being talked about, but I very much doubt we will ever see it unfortunately.

I hope to God you mean Alba and not me Kevsta, I would not be a pretty sight in skintight Lycra!

Just back from our day at TdF- Mrs Hogtrumpet took the day off.
Walked from Chiswick down to Green Park, stood at a rail for 3 hours and then walked home.
The bikes came past in a rush- about 2 mins of madness and then it was all over.
Got rained on.

I’d do it again though. :wink:

I love it, watched from office window that looks directly onto Southwark Bridge so had an awesome view. It’s 1 afternoon of the year, and if you are complaining about the roads being closed from 10:30 till 4ish then you prob need to go and get a tough job like me;)

Some of us had to get the tube as all the roads around my workplace were closed from Sunday afternoon for tour vehicles to park up in. So Le Tour has cost me time and money so corporate sponsors and media scrum had somewhere to park their cars.

exciting cycling? try 4x.