totally p*ssed off

i just went too go out for a ride on my bike when my key decided to slap in the ignition barrel with no intension of coming out!!! no i have stripped down he front end to get to the ognitiopn barrel aand now i need to get a new barrel and keys,!!!

baaa that’s crappy mate… hope you get that sorted soon!

Sorry I missed you at the Ace on Friday…


It’s a sign…

… where’s your brother’s bike?

A locksmith will be able to get the key out no problem, no need for new gear. Most times they can even cut a new key from the broken one.

Total bad luck mate.


yea true, well the front end is apart, i was amzed it only took 4 screws to take the front plastics and the headlight off, and the speedometer!! 4 screws!!!

adams bike key is in my posestion!!! for his gixxer and his yzf750r!!

Damn annoying, sorry to hear of predicament mate

PM sent

4 screws, not very security conscious are they

ah blimey, take the gixxer out instead! hehe

A key in the hand is worth two in the lock