Totally non bike related but could do with some help

Hey guys, one of our mates gixxerSteve GSXR750 srad?? (not yet a member, do to home pc problems) who has already been on meetings and ride with us, is in need of some help and has asked me to post it here:

He lives in West London in the Kew Gardens / Richmond area, and next Sat 29th April he is moving houses from his current address to another house 3 roads down from him. Money is a bit tight so whilst he can afford a tail lift truck / van to move his belongings, he can’t really afford to hire a “Pickford” team of movers so he is asking for some hands to help, all will be packed and ready to go, so if anyone who lives in the West London area is willing to land a hand on a sat morning it will be greatly appreciated by Steve, his wife and kids. Me & Dan (Hyperlink) have already offered to help and will be there so if anyone else wants to have a giggle mashing up (read moving) Steve’s furnitures please pm me and I will give you the address and details. Oh Steve has a pet snake about 6 foot but its safely stored in his glass box… lol (I’d be more worried about the wife tbh)