Totally gutted

Ive had afew interviews lately and picked to go for the royal mail job as its more me than the others plus it was the one that went the best.

I had all the assesments and had to wait on a medical as for some reason they thought i said i take blood pressure meds (which i dont)

Had a phone call yesterday to verify im fit and it was a computer error on their behalf so she edited my form and said great youve passed that.

Heres the crap bit i got an email today saying congratulations youve passed all the assesments BUT there’s no jobs for you we’ve put you on the waiting list.

Hows that possible i applied for the job as their was one going???

No im back to being stuck in this job which up until and hour ago i thought i was on my way out of the door with my notice ready in my locker.

Thats pants mate , cant you mention you applied for a specific available job ?

Im waiting to hear from my cousin he’s a line manager for them so hopefully give me some advice before i go off the handle to an unlucky person on the phone.

Seems to be the job got given to someone else as they took too long getting my medical out of the way which was only needed because of their error with my paper work

Bad luck mate, easy to say but try not to be too downhearted. I think the problem probably is that most large organisations such as the Post Office are having to re-think recruitment levels etc due to current/expected cut backs (c urrent economic climate, etc etc etc). So even if they were running a recruitment campaign expecting to take on x-amount of new employees, the available cash to do so may have been reduced. There’s always natural wastage though, so my advice would be to make sure they’re aware you’re still keen to move over to them - cultivate a contact at their recruitment dept and keep in touch with them from time to time (being careful not to ‘bug’ them!) and hopefully you’ll be one of the first of their considerations when a place does come up. Good luck with it, anyway.

I know what you mean but this was a one person job with specific hours and contract so sucks i got all the way through to be pipped to the post.

Back to the daily hunt on websites then

thats really annoying mate… what happened with the other job?

Unlucky, in that case. Just try to resist the urge to give them a piece of your mind just yet - you never know, the sucessful applicant may just knock them back or something else might go wrong, it does happen. Probably not :frowning: but you never know.

i didnt carry on with it as it ment taking a pay cut and doing a job i wouldnt like

makes sense!

This blood pressure error is what made them pick three peopld above me which put me forth and only the top three went through.

I told her it was a problem on their side due to the scanning they use misread the form (medical lady told me that yesterday on the phone)

So thats a real kick in the nuts i missed out because of a computer and theres nothing i can do about it.

It is normal in HR to hold reserve lists. People often never turn up on day one, or leave the job in the first few weeks etc. Don’t be too downhearted, it means they are prepared to offer you something when it comes available, just don’t rely on it and keep looking.

As Giuliano said, things change.

Interviewed several people a year or so back and the panel listed the “top three”. I thought right people/wrong order.

First guy rang before the job offer to say he’d been offered a better post, second (female) guy rang when she’d got the job offer to say no thanks, so the panels third choice (my first) got the job.

It happens. Keep looking but all is not yet lost.

We have jobs going at London City Airport as security agents if you want.