Totally Gay-Assed????

This was on Visordown… I thought it was funny…

**[center]Completely and Totally


Hardley Davidson

Half (ass) Helmet

Size XXL[/center]

Retail Price: Over $150 (can you believe it?)
**I bought a Yamaha Zuma to use as a pit bike from an older gentleman and he gave me this helmet because he certainly didn’t want to been seen in it. He would Zuma around his lake resort neighborhood and his wife made him wear a helmet. He hated it but he’s been married to her for almost 60 years so he just wore the helmet and kept his mouth shut. Good call.

He did pull the Harley sticker from the front of the helmet in an effort to retain some dignity but the chin strap still has the tell-tale H-D which, as you all know, stands for quality.

This helmet has a DOT sticker on the back. I can’t imagine that it would do any good in a crash. The box I’m shipping this little jewel in outweighs the helmet. Weekend Harley guys only put about 4.7 miles per week on the bikes anyway so I guess it’s not much of a problem. They go from home to Starbucks to some cheesy little burger joint that caters to the weekend Harley crowd then back home to park over the oil spot.

Real bikers like the Banditos, Hells Angels, etc ride about 3000 miles per month wearing a do-rag or a WWII German Panzer helmet. I’m reasonably sure they are not looking at this listing for some made-in-china-piece-of-crap with a HD logo.

Hey all you CPAs, Airline Pilots, Lawyers, Doctors and biker poser wannabees, check out the picture in the listing and you can see that this thing really does work. Notice how it takes just some average old guy and turns him into a totally scary badass looking UFC fighter kick-ass kind of guy that nobody in their right mind would mess with. Wow! Even sitting on a 50cc Zuma with plaid shorts that’s not somebody I would want to rile.

As you can see from the photo, it has some cheesy flame pattern molded into the shell of the helmet. My guess is that this has nothing to do with speed but rather is a reminder not to light a match around the oil leaking, 1920’s technology, piece of crap you are sitting on. Think of it as a public service announcement.

If the winner of the auction doesn’t actually want to take possession of the helmet I will post a youtube video of running over the helmet with my Dodge 4X4 Diesel Megacab 2500 and burying the carcass.

If you are starting a band like “The Village People” this would be a perfect costume piece.

I’m starting this auction at one cent, which is what this turd is worth. I’d throw it away but I don’t want the trash guys to think I’m gay. If you win this helmet for a penny you are paying way too much but what the heck, it’s your money.

By the way…this thing is huge! It’s a size XXL, as if it wasn’t stupid looking enough already. Maybe you can rip the liner out of it and use it for a potato salad server. I just want to get rid of it.

Good luck bidding!**

love the questions and answers

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i think a few member on here already have one of these

:smiley: my ex has one of those stupid helmets which he was so proud of whilst dissing mine…but then he’ll be dissing my liking of sports bikes too.

Each to their own.:slight_smile:

Couple o’ months old I’m afraid. You shouldn’t read these other forums that can’t keep up with the times!" :wink: