Total Newbie alert

Hi all, just a quick hello + intro.

I have very recently completed my CBT and am looking for my first good used 125CC manual bike - any ideas?

Have been a (pedal) cyclist for years on East London roads and just wanted some more omph and convenience hence looking for a good used motorbike.

Also need to get hold of some kit (helmet, gloves etc) ideas wellcome.

Thanks in advance.

The Chemist:):smiley:

For kit, if your ona tight budget there is a leather shop in holloway road (Opposite the Odeon) they sellgoodquality gear and there very reasonable! (No point splashingout on good looking kit if its your first motorcycle)

As of the bike.

What sort of bike do you want?



Cheap insurance

the list goes on,

Personally id reccomend something like a CG125 Honda

They are bullet proof! great learnerbike andcheap insurance too!!!


Thanks for that, I am going for a honda CG125 as I been on one recently and it was fine for me. Whats the oldest in years (or mileage) you would go for and can you recommend anywhere in London or Essex to get one? Thanks


The age/mileage/price would (in my opinion) depend on how long you think it will be before you are gagging for a 600.

Clothing wise, get the best protection that you can afford as falling off hurts (most of the time).


Welcome …

As it happens I have here in my garage on the Essex/London border a very fine 2006 Honda CG125

2006 Honda CG125 £1,000.00 06 plateSilver7000 milesVery recently servicedMOT OctoberTaxed to OctoberI’ll get it MOT’d for 12 months if your interested, may also have some secondhand motorcycle gear too. Reason for sale, the bike was purchased for my son last year and he has hardly used it due to being away at University.

Hi, thanks for that. PM sent - yes I would be very very interested. :):slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :smiley: Just make sure you have the basic stuff as gravel rash is no friend, with the bike it depends on your budget and what you want as far as resale and repairs. If you look at Chinese bikes you’ll probably need to have some basic mechanical knowledge if not your likely to learn pretty quick as they tend to have bits fall off. If you go for the trusted Jap bikes you’ll be paying more but they are reliable and the resale’s better especially if you look after it, good luck and hope you enjoy your first steps into the motorbike world.
All the best John

Took these this morning in the rain …