Total madness!!

I’m writing this while it’s still relatively fresh in my mind…!

I was on my daily commute this morning and riding southbound down Hampstead Road i.e. approaching the BP garage on my left hand side. Google Streeview shows my whereabouts except I was on the other side of the road:,+London+NW1,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=19.123242,39.418945&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FQ1SEgMdyt_9_w&split=0&ll=51.533216,-0.13926&spn=0,359.990376&z=17&layer=c&cbll=51.532109,-0.139257&panoid=R8-HzrBJk707GdgCKpPQXQ&cbp=12,147.48,0,8.81

The lights for me were red and so I would have been roughly where the bronze car is on the streetview image.

A green Ford Mondeo (Y 702 OUD), which was a MINICAB, and a black KTM motorbike were turning right out of Granby Terrace i.e. to continue in the same direction as I was heading. There had clearly been an earlier altercation as the biker was telling the guy to pull over as they came out of the junction and shouting something along the lines that he had nearly knocked him off etc etc. His manner was not particularly aggressive but he was clearly disgruntled with the Mondeo drivers actions.

The lights went green and I continued down the road with all the other traffic. The biker was trying to get the attention of the driver and get him to pull over.

We reached the junction of Cardington Street and the lights were red. This is the streetview image:,+London+NW1,+United+Kingdom&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=19.123242,39.418945&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FQ1SEgMdyt_9_w&split=0&ll=51.53056,-0.138617&spn=0,359.990376&z=17&layer=c&cbll=51.529449,-0.138618&panoid=u2l4yZNmS3PdpxB5ohYQ_w&cbp=12,160.96,0,8.64

The Mondeo would have been roughly where the blue Peugeot is, the biker on the left and a blue van in the left-hand lane. The Mondeo driver, in what I can only describe as a murder attempt, accelerated and steered directly into the biker and thus straight into the side of the blue van!!!

The bike span forward with the biker entangled amongst it. The mondeo REVERSED and then proceeded to drive straight over the top of bike + biker!! The mondeo literally left the ground at this point. There were various cars behind me so plenty of witnesses to this event and plenty of people at the scene to look after the biker.

The mondeo then sped off down Cardington Street and without a seconds thought I flew straight after him saying his number plate to myself again and again. I hit about 65mph to catch up / keep up with him and had to stand on the pegs over speed bumps etc. I flashed and flashed my lights and signalled for him to pull in. In hindsight given he had just ran over one biker, this probably wasn’t the best move, but I wasn’t going to let him get away easily. Eventually he got caught up in the traffic and I made him pull in on Melton Street at the Grant Thornton offices.

At this point I didnt know what he was going to do or what was going through his mind. Fortunately another biker who had seen this turned up on the scene and parked up in front of the car…followed by a black cab. The cabbie (nice man) got out and was rightfully calling the Mondeo driver every name under the sun. At this point I’m on the phone to 999 getting the police to attend where we had apprehended the driver and I was told that a car was already en-route to the scene of the incident. Then, two guys from Addison Lee turned up who were walking to their offices and saw this happen - they just leapt in a car and had seen me give chase so figured he would get caught up in the traffic.

Various police cars and bikes etc turned up and we all gave witness statements. The police asked if we were all satisfied he was driving dangerously. The response was a unanimous yes and the driver was cuffed. The police advised me that the biker was OK and after I’d given my statement I went back to the scene to find him still there, along with loads of other witnesses. He had clocked that I was the one that initially gave chase and was incredibly thankful.

I asked him what has initially caused the altercation and it was the driver changing lanes without signalling and nearly taking him off, and then actually trying to take him out by turning right from the left lane and cutting straight in front of him!!

I seriously cannot believe this happened. It is sheer luck that the biker is alive - a foot to the left or right would have initially crushed his whole torso into the van and likewise when he was literally ran over I just dont know how he came out unscathed.

My thanks to everyone else who assisted including the police who attended promptly and dealt with the matter efficiently. Rider has my details in case of any insurance problems etc. No doubt I’ll be attending court at some point to give evidence.

Ride safe!

Unbelievable! Make sure you make a note of everything as you might need it if it goes to court.

good to hear biker ok but it is a lesson if there is a bit of road rage let it go cos this could happen.

good call on your part too m8.

Good on ya mate. I would have done the same. Your courage is commendable to say the least, as this pr*ck of a driver could have jumped out of his car with a knife or even worse a gun. These days you never know what idiot you are challenging and most people would rather walk away than get involved.

Lost for words!!! Actually gave me goose bumps reading this! SO glad the guy was apprehended and that so many people went after him! Top effort Dark Knight!

OMG r u serious? I just read this and had to show my staff! This is unbelieveable! I once had a man try and run me over cos i knocked his mirror :w00t: there are some serious psychos out there!

In this day and age it is good to see people stepping up to help. Well done mate.

Thats really hardcore!! Good on you chap!!!

I dont believe it. I think this might be the same guy that nearly had me off a few months back. I only got a partial on the plate (OUD) but it was a mondeo and he scuffed the side of the ZX10 (I was lucky I didnt drop it). I could ID the guy if I met him (assuming it was the same driver). Also in North London.

Can you PM me the police details please dude as I want to add to the guys claim and potentially get the cost of my new fairing back.

oh my god, that’s unbelievable and awful. Amazing that the biker is ok. Well done for giving chase and helping apprehend the knob.

Well done to you, very brave thing to do, glad the guy was ok, hope the [email protected] of a driver gets the book thrown at him :angry:

I hope you pulled over when you knocked off his wing mirror! I’d be going mental if someone knocked off my mirror in my car and ran off.

knocked and knocked off are two different things…

i am speechless :blink: for once!!

I echo that one… Tea and Medals are in order!


Nice work dude. Sounds like that Mondeo driver has mental problems man.

Fck me - that is truly shocking. Goes to show there are some real fcking headcases around.Top f*cking marks for everything you did - excellent.

You deserve to have many drinks bought for you from your fellow bikers Drunk Knight! ;):smiley:

Well done sir. You have done a stirling job to bring a mindless worthless stupid driver to the book. I really hope he gets the full weight of the law thrown at him, so a bit more than a feather, preferably a well kebab fed police officer…

mate you are a knight and after the drinks (as NJ rightly mentions you deserve) you should be a Drun one! :smiley:

Very well said… I knocked it like a tiny bit and the bloke just started chasing me and the police saw it happen and just gave him a warning :frowning: