Total Eclipse...

There was roumours of the night being clear enough to see a Total Eclipse of the Moon this evening and low and behold its started to happen…

Take a look…bottom left half is already being covered.

Should mean some cool pics from our resident David Baileys !!

3/4 covered now


It’s a b*sard havin to go outside to have a fag, I just noticed me lawn could do with a mow

I opened this thinking you were being rude about Tug again

terry darling im here!!! ha ha

Getting better by the minute!

hehe, ooh i hate that term fag? short for faggot you know?, and i really love faggotts.

OI Westie behave ur get the name as the forum Bike

The moon looks mad, cant beat natural things

Looks cool dont it !!..

fantastic view from the house here !!

great meeting you guys, ive sent the pregnant girlfriend outside to take some pics for us, lol

I missed it, i fell asleep on the sofa at 9pm.

Wifey and I just caught the back end of it…No, we’re not back to faggs again! We thought the eclipse was meant to be the night b4!


The Beeb say it was on Tuesday?

I got some gr8 pics off the www 4ya!

See here:

I think you may have a slow internet connection! check the date on that BBC report.

haha they look better than my girlfriends, they all came out black, and shes a pro photographer

Ditto !!

No wonder, the link you are refering to dates back to 2004, different eclipse me thinks

That’ll explain a lot! Sorry!