Total bike and forum newbie.

Hi all, as the title says, I’m new here from Slough, but I work in London, so am around every day (will be biking to work soon), and am quite new to biking in general - I did my CBT in May but only got my bike this month and have been riding for a couple of weeks.

I had a little mishap and had a mechanical/electrical fault with my bike (2006 YBR 125) that caused me to come off, so I am waiting to get that problem sorted out and fixed before I venture out again, but I am definitely interested in coming on some ride outs to meet more bikers, as I don’t know any down south.

But yeah, just a friendly post to say hello :smiley:

This is my bike:


An electrical fault causing you to come off??? Please do tell… :ermm:

I was on a test run to work and back on Sunday, about two hours there and back. I was riding well, good clutch control and all that (especially on the busy A40). Almost home, got into Slough on a roundabout with multiple lights, just before I approached the final set of lights, my bike cut out.

I initially thought nothing of it (as a newbie, I thought it must have just stalled), ignited it again, came to the last set of traffic lights on the round about and I think the engine cut out as I was pulling off, I tried to take off as normal releasing the clutch slowly and adding throttle for acceleration, only the bike must have cut back in once I had fully released the clutch and added lots of throttle, as I went wheelie-ing down into the middle of the dual carriage way, bike slid down the road, making a mess of the left hand side of my bike :frowning:

The most sickening thing about it? In the middle of a dual carriage way on the floor, traffic starting to come my way and not one car stopped, everyone just drove around me. No one helped, so I scrambled trying to get my bike up and out of the road by myself.

Thankfully I wasn’t hurt. Protective gear, does the trick! If I wasn’t wearing my bike jacket or trousers, I would probably have no skin left :open_mouth:

Welcome. Sorry to hear about your off… Cagers are the scum when it comes to that… Fellow bikers, van and lorry drivers tend to help. But I guess it is luck too. But all part of the learning curve of biking. Stay safe !!

Ouch and welcome

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Hello buddy,

I can well believe no one helped you as once people are in there cars the outside world turns off! Yep I drive a car most of the time but come on, I’ve stopped to help people in less of a mess than you was! What is wrong with people? Anyhow glad your ok and that’s a cracking little bike you have there.


Oh dear…“buddy” was the wrong thing to say due to seeing some pic’s in newbie’s bikes and face’s…hello girly me thinks lol! :blush:


im a 125er too, after 3 years still

varadero 125 (does the job still)


Hi and welcome!