Toseland's old bike...

So, I got called in to work at the BP AGM last week, working as part of the ejection team. When I walked into the show on the second day, I saw what I thought was a Hanspree Toseland rep… But it wasn’t;)

It was the man himselves No2 bike from his days at WSB!:w00t:

Sorry about the grainy shot’s, but they were taken on the sly;)

nice 1 nathan :):D:cool:did you get to sit on it or maybe nick some nice shiney bits off it ;);)???

I did get to sit on it very briefly, before some jobsworth told me to get off! :stuck_out_tongue:

I could only get the pic’s on the day of the actual AGM, so they were taken very sneakily, due to the fact that I would have been in trouble if they saw me taking snaps instead of doing my job! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a tough job sometimes, but someone has to do it! ;):w00t:

Love it, nice touch. Lucky man.

hubba hubba!

Anyone know a good website for keeping up with the World Supersport races? Seems hard to find any decent news - wondering how Triumph SC are doing with the Daytona.

you cant watch them all FREE this year here

along with race results and championship positions

Nice to get something like that at work RR but I’m not 100% sure that that is JT’s actual bike…



Just going on what the guy on the stand was telling me;)

It did have some slight damage to the tank, which had been re-painted, but the guy told me that it was the No 2 bike that they had in case his own got knacked up on track. Apparently, BP and Castrol get a lot of the old bikes to see if they can improve on the standard of wear and tear from the oil, carbon deposit etc… Can’t see why he would lie to me. :smiley:

Although, I wouldn’t know the difference if it was just a copy…:P:P:P

Cool pics either way :wink:

Factory racing bikes change from one race meet to the next throughout the season and it’s hard to prove what is and what isn’t the original bike.Truth be known, there is probably a dozen or so of these bikes doing the promo rounds.

This is a genuine photo of JT on a bike with a different tank graphic to both of the previous pictures.

Taken in Qatar in 2007

Either way its a lovely machine, still don’t like that green though;):smiley: