Toseland interview now online!

i do try and avoid making my posts an “LB Love In” , but wanted to say this was a very very cool scoop and the interview and write up was spot on as always :-)… Loved it

Thanks Tash and boys…

Thanks Lee! All effort are been made for you guys! Jay and Tasha did really well covering the events since Thursday and they will be tomorrow whole day for us!

Here’s the link for those that are not aware:

Feel the love

But keep your hands where we can see them, Matt!

Disappointed to see Foxy didn’t ask for piano lessons for Andrew, though…

Great piece to read Foxy !! Well done

job well done guys.

yeah thanks tash realy enjoyed that!!!

Tash and Jay

well done enjoyed it!!

Best interview I’ve read in ages!

I haven’t even had a chance to read it yet, been too busy, and I was there at the time!!! Well done Foxy!

And they even took the shirt off his back…


He’s a right party-boy we hear

Totally babe-a-licious girls in that latest collection Jay !!! And you didn’t give any of them my number now did you?

great intervew guys…!!!..bravo…bravo…!!!

thanks a million!!!

happy smiled.

Andrew, there’s another gallery to come yet, and it’s chock-a-block with grid girls… We’re now publishing pictures that nobody else has. Only magazines who pay big money for photos have these sort! LB is a first in this area!

Thanks You Lot!!! I can’t tell you how shattered I am… It’s been a long weekend, but thoroughly amazing… I can’t wait for WSB at Brands in Aug.

Normally I sit at home watching the racing on the edge of the sofa, but to actually be in the middle of it all was out of this world. Jay and I stood in the Xerox Ducati garage while both races were going on, and to experience Troy winning both races there, was something else.

The Winston Ten Kate Team were all very friendly and gave us some signed goodies for our competitions (Thanks James, Matteo and Ronald).

Thank you all very much for all of the questions for James, we has a laugh when he was answering them, especially yours Adam, as the team all looked round and pissed themselves laughing. We are going to put snippets of the interview in the podcasts, so keep listening.

Oh to be in a bed tonight, I’m so looking forward to it. Jay and I slept in the back of a Punto van for two nights, talk about Cramped-up and PAIN!! We had to laugh!

Nite Nite all…

Oh… and this is for the girls… Sweet dreams…


Sorry, Foxy, but attention whores don’t impress me, as you may have gathered… He should have kept his leathers on.

!!!.. OK…For ALL the girls except Paivi… The guy had just come third in his second race that day and wanted to give something back to his fans… He’s had a bad run of luck this season, and he got SO much support during his races…