Toseland for Monarchy?

Well I think the should be - without giving away the results I was so so pleased and excited to see a Brit running with the lead pack.

Considering his engine package is well down on power I thought he looked at home in motoGP and he has my respect.

At last we have a MotoGP rider to cheer rather than apologise for.

Although I have never been a big JT fan i have to agree with you Andrew.

Don’t forget the 3 Brit teenagers who put in storming performances in the 125’s.

This could be the year we hear The national anthem on the MotoGP podium:)

Yep, big cheers for Toseland, done really well to keep in the leading pack. And also, well done to Andrea Dovizioso who just came across from the 250’s, was cheering him on towards the end for a bit, Toseland is still my man though :smiley:

ditto !

Mattia Pasini gets my vote for ride of the day:)

Where did he come from? I don’t think anyone saw that comi:w00t:ng:D

+1, he deserves that after last years problems, good to see locatelli pleased for him toobrilliant performance from toseland and the boys in 125crossing fingers that its just a bridgestone/yam thing for rossi

I still have alot of respect for Rossi but it’s great to see Satellite and privateer bikes competing with the top factory bikes. Just get JT that new motor and im sure we’ll be seeing him on the podium.

I loved the way he got stuck right in there with colliding with other bikers…show those namby pamby GP riders what Britain and WSB are made of!

Yes well done JT. Should be good to see how he gets on when he gets the new engine.

Good to see Danny Webb and Scott Redding doing so well in the 125 class, bad luck for Bradders with the mechanical problems but he did very well start on pole.

JT was in awesome form, especially with last year’s spring valved engine (not as fuel efficient) not the pneumatic valved 08 Yamaha engine. Fuel effieciency makes big impact at Loasil, more than many other tracks.Bodes well for future, Tech 3 should get pneumatic engine at Estoril (Round 3) then watch JT go!!:smiley:

I thought that JT could have had Rossi, but maybe not keen to duff him up.

Eugene Laverty had a mare in the 250’s, bike failed on 1st lap.

Brits in 125’s were amazing, especially Scott Redding - heard him interviewed on Eurosport during qualifying, didn’t say much, but has Gloucestershire accent - ooh aah!! - he’s obviously not used to interviews, or the scary (hairy) faces that are Moody n Ryder.

Danny Webb did a great job too, just a shame that Bradders steering damper decided to “fall off” - that was what caused the big tank slapper in first place, continued as prob throughout the race - Bugger!

Talmasci appeared to have bike probs, n finished 10th.

JT deffo hero of the day for me - been following him for years!!

Can’t wait for next round

A few observations from Round 1…

It looks like the end of an era for Valentino Rossi…he’s days of dominating the sport are CLEARLY behind him…it appears that he will be doing VERY well to even remain amongst the contenders this season.

Hats off to JT…a competitive ride on that package is very impressive. The factory bikes would just run away and leave him for dead on that crazy long straight…and he would have to ride lights out the rest of the lap to stay in contact with the lead group…very impressive.

I’ve a new favorite rider now…Andrea Dovioziso…I can’t tell you how shocked I was to see him dicing with Rossi those last 3 or 4 laps…that pass he put on Rossi was VERY aggressive for a rookie…and then to make it stick too? Impressive…

As much as it pains me to say it, it looks like Stoner has the entire field covered again this year. People complain that he has a “cheater bike”…with all his traction control doo-dads and such…but I have to ask, where is Marco Melandri? (He’s lanquishing in the rear of the pack…) Where was Loris last season? Where are the satellite Duc’s this year? The kid can just ride the wheels off that bike…and apparently, no one else can.

The 125 and 250 races were lights out too…disappointing to see Bradley Smith get done for something as silly as a bolt on a steering dampener…but hopefully they’ll get that sorted out (lock tite maybe?) and he can run up front in Jarez.

One way or the other, I thought it was a brilliant opening week-end…it was fantastic to see all the new faces in the field…and many of them doing amazingly well. Hopefully that will carry through out the season.

agree with you on Dovi…

but i think the jury is out on rossi at the moment, we need a few more races to see how his yam/bridgestone combination works out, his natural talent hasnt disappeared he’s just not settled

I missed the race…anyone know where and when it might be on again…I am useless when it comes to watching TV…

On Rossi I suspect but cant be sure that the hunger has gone, he will never lose the consumate talent he has but if his hunger has gone he wont use his formidable talent and it will slowly become a bit stale…and he will move on. to pstures new where he has the hunger again…

well done toseland…and bummer for Kawasaki was hoping this year would be good for them…

You can watch it here for up to a week after the race


you could see the difference the factory yamaha riders had on the straight compared to the tech 3 squad but it was in the corners that you could see that toesland is gona be very competertive.

given the right engine i reckon JT is gona be making us brits very proud

Your a star man thanks…

Don’t write Rossi off …thats just plain stupid.

The bridgestones were not good in Quatar and that really makes Stoner’s ride even more impressive. Rossi will be in the hunt. Toseland was awesome i agree but Quatar is somewhere he is really really strong - look at his wsb history there. Anyway i think Tose will be a top 5 runner most the season and who knows come Donington mayb a podium?! :smiley:

have seen some completely over the top reporting on the BBC website, even saying Toseland has a title chance, silly silly people

if he’s top five by end of season he will have had a blinder and we will all be very proud

It will be very good if JT can make the podium at Donington.

Good luck to him. Give him a decent bike and I can see him being world champion.

Hope Ducati are watching and offer him a factory ride after they realise Marco was a mistake :laugh: