Torque wrench threshold

I’ve bought this torque wrench a couple of years ago stupidly without much research. The range is between 28Nm and 210Nm. But quite a few bolts I tighten are in the 20-28Nm region.

On the wrench I can see there is some empty space between 28Nm and its default resting position (I guess 0Nm?). Now, say I set it to it’s supposed minimal value of 28Nm, and then turn it back 3Nm. How close would that be to 25Nm if at all? Am I the smartest person ever who cheated the system?

If you can get it to me, I can test it at work. There’s machines to test the calibration

Pool that could be useful I have a couple of torque wrenches that I’ve had years that would be worth testing to make sure that they are still correct.

Iirc from reading years ago you should only use the middle 2/3 of the scale because towards the extremes it’s less likely to be accurate.

That’s what I keep meaning to do with mine, but not got around to it yet, might do Monday.

Your only up the road from me, drop them off and I’ll take them in if you want

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That’d be great. Could you drop me a pm with your location?

Your torque wrench is a lot more accurate then I expected a home I’ve to be (not actually got around to checking my own ones yet).

It’s within about 5% of the settings throughout the range.

If you want 25nm I’ve found that dropping it by 12nm from 28 seems to be fairly reliably 25nm, but to get it consistent hold it halfway down the handle. I’ll try and double check this later today.


Thank you, Boris. You’re a legend.

So, I did have the right idea lowering by 3nm to get 25nm, just off by a wide margin :sweat_smile: