Torque wrench/settings

Anyone actualy use one of these? I generaly tighten, but not overtightening things, but I was thinking it must be kinda important or they wouldn’t give you the settings all the time.

I’ve never bought one cos I always thought theyd be dear, and today I looked in the tool shop and, yup - theyre dear, cheapest ones 43 squid!

Thing is I’m supposed to be putting some crash bungs on a mates bike and I think if ever it’s gonna be important then engine mountings would be the thing. Wouldn’t want to ferk his bike up!

So what’cha think - yae or nae??

I didnt use one when fitting my R&G’s and ive got a torque wrench. Just have the bolt tight enough but it has to allow the bung to turn (not loosely). But if you want piece of mind, use one - borrow one if you have to. Machine mart do one for £15, heck even argos do one but i would suggest the halfords one (pro range). I think its about £50 but its really good.

That’s what I have (Halfords), vital bit of kit.

It’s big though - ideally you could do with a smaller one for lighter settings & smaller spaces

“It’s big though - ideally you could do with a smaller one for lighter settings & smaller spaces”

Yes, before buying, check out the range of settings, some are too low [0-5ft/lb] or too high [50-150 ft/lb]

Also, for bikes, 3/8" drive is right, 1/4" too small to be of much use, 1/2" is too powerfull for steel/ally bike bolts, you will strip threads where 3/8" drive gives the feel you need to for example tighten yer R&G bungs into what was the top engine mount

Cool Thanks guys, all my sockets are 1/2" drive so I kinda have to go with that.

Also what would be the ideal ft/lb’s setting wrench for all round bike work? Shocked

I dont know what bike you have mate but if a haynes manual is available, look at the torque settings and make a decision from that. If you get a 3/8" torque wrench, you could buy an adapter to take you 1/2" sockets.

If you are going to do any serious work on your bike, a torque wrench is essential. The cost of it is immaterial in comparison to the damage that you can do without its use.

Would steering head bearings/races (possibly) and swingarm removal be considered “serious work”?

PS thanks for that Snap, I’ll keep all that in mind and my bikes a 2000 R6, and I’ve got a haynes manual and have had a look.

Sounds serious enough to me. get head race bearings wrong and you may as well not have bothered in the first place. Many people tighten up too hard and crush the bearings. As for the swingarm, sure you could competently do that up without the wrench but its kinda a major part of the bike. Go invest in a torque wrench, you will be surprised how much you use it.