Torque Wrench lamens description

Hello, wondered if any tool-savvy member fancied explaining in lamens terms the necessary info about torque wrenches. Some are 1/2", 10-150lb or 25-200lb of pressure, some have different dimension measurements etc. and the whole thing is thouroughly confusing.

Is the 1/2" part the size of the socket head, or can you add your own sized sockets to the socket-holder thing? Yikes. Not too knowledgeable in this myself as you can see

This might help

The 1/2" refers to the size of the square peg on the torque wrench to which you attach the sockets. So a 1/2" torque wrench works with the sockets from a 1/2" socket set.

Many torque wrenches are set too high for use with motorbikes. Motorbikes have a lot of bolts that need torques in the range 15-30 lb.ft. so a torque wrench with a range of 10-150 lb.ft. would be much more useful than one with a range 25-200 lb.ft.

Torque is typically measured in pound-feet (lb.ft.) so if you apply 20 pounds force to the end of a 2 foot long wrench the torque will be 40 lb.ft. To increase the torque either use more force or a longer wrench. Metric units are newton-meters (Nm) or kilogram-metres (kgm) where 1kgm is approximately 10Nm.

Hope this makes some sense


Thanks guys.

Duncan is my professional helper indeed! This guys is always saving me from tech and mechanical problems. Thanks mate