Tornado at Brands Hatch today

Serious anyone else at the BSB today at brands? A small but
Powerful tornado ripped through the trade stands taking crash helmet boxes and tents about 50ft in the air!!

Was amazing never seen anything like it before!!

We tanking about benelli’s or actual tornados?

Shame it didnt sweep you up! lol :hehe:

I can confirm this is true, it was freaky!!! It threw the Rapid Ducati stand on its side and a stand of sunglasses on its side. There was boxs and paper caught up in the twister for a while!!!

I always wanted to go storm chasing in the US, now I don’t need to!!!

You wouldn’t want that mate you would miss me to much! As i am so good and so great like Mohammed Ali. Anyway the bloke on one of the stands had his till go up in the air it was like that game on Noels house party- grab and grand!!

As Carla said it was freaky it felt like something from back to the furture… You could actually see it in the gravel aswell it looked like the Tasmanian devil was in town!!

Here is a photo of the sky after