Topping up Oil on an 09 600RR

It there anything special I need to do other than check the level in the sight glass after the bike has run up to temperature and add some oil until it’s at the correct level?

put something around the fill hole in case of spillage!

On mine you need to level the bike to view the oil level in the sight glass, i.e. not on side stand or slope. You are unlikely to see an immediate change in the level as you add oil as it will take a few minutes to settle so add small amounts and wait, better to be on the lower side than the higher.

Is you bike losing/burning oil between changes?

It’s using a bit of oil but nothing excessive.

Why after running up to temperature? Does the bike have a dry sump?

My TDM900 has a dry sump so you’d check level after running for just a few minutes. To be honest - the level can change reading to reading a little bit as it’s not an ultra reliable method.

My VFR1200 has a sight glass and yeah you have to raise sort of steady it with one hand upright then crouch down and look through… not ideal for such a heavy bike :’) Again, you’re then introducing a slight parallax error, and it can wobble a bit

These two variables mean I’d take an oil reading with a pinch of salt, and unless it’s diving from the top of the site glass one week to dropping out the bottom the next under vary similar conditions I would just suggest it’s a measurement foible.

Of course, never owned your particular bike nor done any research on the bike so take the above with the required dosage of salt

The correct oil level with motorcycle upright, engine at normal running temperature and having been left to stand for 3 to 5 minutes to settle, is between the two lines of the sight glass. If the oil level is below the lower line it needs topping up and if the oil level is above the upper line it needs draining off. Expect the oil level to be above the upper line when returned to you from Chiswick Honda following an engine oil change. Its an Honda thing.