would any one be able to lend me there 125 machine that is road legal and would be able to pass restricted licence e.g. cbr 125 , gs 125, yzf 125

or anything like that that is able to do a u turn lol

as i have sold my one before the engine has blowed up as it was aprilia rs 125 and it would never be able to do the u turn…

i would insure it for a day and give a reward for letting me use it i would need it in total for 2 days hopefully this month (April) as i am doing theary on the 12th if i pass than hopefully 1 week latter…

have you looked at the cost of day insurance? its more then you’d expect.

personally id talk to a training school, and see if you can get essentally a day training (os they give you an hour or so of lessons, and test, all on their bike)
or geomoto in finchly do rental bikes, worth a shot.
Joey R1 on here works there.

ok nice one ill give it a shot