Just a small post to say that

Topgooner did a lot of running about and planning for Breast Cancer Weekend and arranged a Paramedic Bike and Equipment and did a lot of work with Chazster to get things up and running for us all !!

Then right at the last minute he had a very serious situation arise with his good lady wife (heavily pregnant) and admission to Hospital was needed.

I am waiting for him to get back to me for an update.

Id just like to say that the effort you put in for me was TopNotch from a TopGooner and your pressence on the Weekend was greatly missed.

I dearly hope everything is well with you and your family and we all hope to see you soon.

He must have a “Crystal Ball” …I was just about to post this when I got a txt…

His wife has been Discharged (Sunday Night), She is very un-comfortable (suffering severe Kidney Infection) but otherwise ok !!

Ive phoned him back and got the full SP…he dearly wants to be at the Dinner as he is very very upset at not being able to commit to BCW and Im putting his and the good ladys name down for the dinner and rightly so.

(permission to post about Tina was agreed by the couple)

good luck…and best wishes

Best wishes TG! You were missed mate!

Top Man… and lady!

Hope all is well…Well done Top Gooner…

Best wishes mate


Please pass on my well wishes. I hope she gets better soon!!!

best wishes

Best wish’s to the “three” of them.

Get well soon Mrs Topgooner and look forward to having dinner with you

Thank you all very much… it means alot.

Hope to see you all V Soon.

Hope all is well with Mrs toopgooner and the person waiting to become a biker


loadsa love to Topgooner and Mrs TG.

thinking of you both