Topboxes- are any removable?

Hi all,

I have a cheap Turborevs topbox on my bike- it came with the bike- I didn’t choose it.
It is quite fixed in- requires a screwdriver and a spanner to take it off.

I’d like to replace it with something that I can remove easily when I am going out for ‘fun rides’ and keep it on when commuting.
Does anyone do something that is fairly secure (so some scrote doesn’t nick it) but also able to be put on and taken off without too many drama’s?


Givi topboxes are ‘fairly secure’ and a lot of them have quick release mechanisms. Had one on my 125 and it worked great.

+1 for Givi

Cheers guys.

Yup, Givi. Have a Givi Maxia on my CBF. Can show you how it works if you like.

How about a tail pack?

They strap to your pillion seat and do not affect handling
as much as top boxes.

Then again it all depends what you ride, if it’s a hog… :smiley:

Cheers Gordon- that would be great.

Good suggestion- I guess these are easier to remove and carry?

LOL- no, not a hog, although a trumpet is looking increasingly likely.

I totally recommend the Givi V46, had mine for eight years and it’s brilliant. I’ve added the backrest and luggage rack; the latter means I can easily bungee things on top of it, which I regularly do - heavy things at that, like packed 50-litre rucksacks when we go camping. The luggage rack also makes a good handle for carrying the box around with.

Never ceases to amaze me how strong the box/bracket connection is. A brilliant piece of kit.