Topbox Help - Piaggio Fly 125


A friend of mine is trying to get a topbox for her Piaggio Fly 125(LX) 2005. The box isnt a problem - but the attaching brack is WAY expensive! Is there somewhere I can look to find a cheaper alternative - or any other Blue Peter stylee options!?



I hope that’s not a reference to the blonde Westie…


or look on Gumtree

or on a site like

I’ve got a 30l givi top box for sale if your mate is interested…
Not sure about attaching it to the scooter though…

Thanks Conrad. It’s not the Top Box that is the problem - its the darn bracket. Cheapest I can find is about £100 :blink:

Cheers anyway tho!


bolt it to the pillion seat?

A givi rack is about £40 -

so you mean the rack ( careful :stuck_out_tongue: ) or tjhe actual mounting plate for thr box

renntec racks are a good alternative

Have a look here LINKY if you can’t find what you’re looking for there give them a ring on 0845 459 2369. I’m sure I saw a luggage rack there for less than £40.00

The top boxes they do on ebay look to be similar to Givi (key lock and quick release plate mount) at a fraction of the cost. i.e 15L £19.99, 26L £25.99, 37L £29.99 and 56L £45.99 including delivery (I’ve got one on order) LINKY HERE

Sweet - thanks Art :cool:

you can take it how ya like:P