Top thanks in advance to VFRPatch

He has offered to pick me up today from Oxford and give me a lift to Alis funeral, I don’t know either bloke but am so glad to be part of this biking community who can pull together at times of such sorrow.

Some of you may know me through Visordown although I don’t use that site much now either or the Hornets Nest which was great fun but now I’m riding a blade I just haven’t been on there. I will make more of an effort to all these places as most are full of wonderful people.

Hopefully get a chance to meet some of you today, its just a shame its in tragic circumstances.

Well I may be arriving on the VFR or even his Goldwing WOOHOO!!! He said I’d enjoy the comfort more and could sleep on the back if I’m tired, (such a gentleman ) however I only have full race leathers with knee sliders and a Rossi rep lid!!! I fear that will look odd on the armchair of a goldwing LOL but I’m appreciative of a lift however I get there.

Top fella

I have to also say a massive thanks to the others who PMed me too with offers, Bike2Travel, CharlyB600F and Garethruislip.

Sorry but I’m back at work at 1800 - 0730

Hello LMRR! See you later…

See you later girl!