Top temp today!!

Coming home I registered 39c air temp and 115c bike temp. That’s a new record for me and it’s enough now so please cool down.
Anyone got hotter than that??

officially the hottest day on record, since it hit 36.7 deg at Heathrow this afternoon. not heard if it got hotter since mind.

someone recorded 36deg on their bus this morning. Legal limit to transport livestock is 30.

I’m over that, but I’m in Europe at the mo.
It hit 33 at 10am and by 2 it was 42 degrees.
Today I’m heading south.

Today should be over 40 again, I’ll get a picture if I get a chance.

I was in Egypt a couple of weeks ago and it was 47C one day, in the shade, I cannot imagine what it would be like to ride in this sort of temp.

Chuck Norris recorded 3,000c when he walked into Eyjafjallajökull to get it to stop smoking…

My side stand sank into the tarmac on my drive.
That is definitely too hot.

@me_groovy> LOL

Fucking love that.

I’m in Amsterdam atm and it’s been crazy hot here too. My mates have gone to the Van Gogh museum but I’m getting in some quality beer time in the shade outside a bar. Bliss.