Top of the range Ford Escort

Sadly the Ghia offers no “go faster stripes” or fluffy dice, but she does have some designer scratches where some twat side swiped her - driver and passenger door side. These are now matching as I seem to have had some recent contact on the other side too. Bumpers front and back all similarly scratched up for a full set.

Car sits in a tree lined street - so regularly she gets covered in bird muck. Last cleaned inside about 10 weeks ago so not too messy.

The water jet is well, a bit different, with a masking tape keeping the right jet firmly in position (again passed an MOT). I concede this fails the matching test of the scratches, it should be noted that the right jet shoots far higher than normal. This makes the car truly unique and is not something I believe is offered as an option by any current UK supplier. This is particular fun as I have arranged the water trajectoty just high enough to make a mess of the hair of any tail gating twat in convertible. Boxter drivers get particularly wet:)

The gaffer taped wing mirror is a bit rubbish to be honest or you might say “quirky.”

P Reg - 72k genuine miles. Reliable runner and never let me down all winter. Starts first time. Can sit and cruise at a ton without any problem though a bit slow getting there compared to a Motorbike.

MOTd to August - so if anyone wants a reliable cheap motor, make me a cash offer :slight_smile: Would keep but moving to Lagos in a couple of months and the insurance company want £400 :w00t:

My daughter takes her test next week Nick, If she passes and it hasn’t gone we,ll talk:D I’ll be looking for a banger to get her started;)

“Banger” - just has a few individual features :wink:

Why are you moving to Lagos and what of the CBF1000?

Been offered a job - CFO / FD for a smallish business :slight_smile:

Not sure what to do with the bike…could sell her (If anyone is interested) - or will store at my Dad’s place. Bike is really running nicely - will be gutted to have to spend my Sundays in a beach hut rather than on a Jetstream run.

Bump -

Off in just over 2 weeks - so need to shift this fine automobile…taxed and MOTd to August…or I’m going to scrap it - can’t see it’s worth storing for two years.

So if anyone wants to offer me a hundred quid - feck it - how about £150 to LAA?..then the car is yours. V5, MOT and 2 sets of keys.

Reliable runner - but won’t it taking it to Lagos with me:P Expect it would get through an MOT - as it’s only done 4k since last one. (72k miles)

Now sold to the dodgy Russian on Gumtree :slight_smile: