Top of the morning roll call


Good morning flowers.

I can’t stop waking at 5am even if I am an hour ahead of GMT.

Are you looking forward to your commute today? It’s the best bit of mine.


morning all. Bad news this morning, I’ve been outdone in the carry-something-stupid-on-your-tracer stakes. I had a 45 gallon drum, this guy has a fridge.

Also woke to find the fridge didn’t close properly last night so everything on the top 2 shelves was warm.


I would.argue an oil drum is stupider as it’s round and therefore more difficult to secure.


depends how many bungees you use


Evening. Been up to Manchester and back today. Early start, long day, tired zzz


Yep, I’ve seen how happy you are because of this journey. I’ve done 850 miles last week, in one day, and it was ok…