Top Mountain Crosspoint Mueseum

It’s burnt down! It’s a sad loss, and somewhere I’ve visited.

Oh man! that is such a shame.

Looking at those photo’s looks like a lot of wood and a tinderbox waiting! Which ever way you look at it, it is such a shame…

Damn, that’s tragic. Fire though in a modern, high-spec building like that?

There’s some of the photos I have from my visit. I can only surmise that something prevented fire system from working.

If it’s that high up, maintaining adequate water pressure for a decent sprinkler system could well be a problem.

Smart use of a snow blower in the video though!

With that much combustible under the roof you’d hope they had something more than a water based system.

A real shame though.

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The problem with none water solutions is they’re not generally compatible with human life. And water based systems are extremely effectice.

Damn crying shame

The article is in German, but there are some aerial shots of the aftermath.