Top Gun 2020 film

Trailer for this great motorcycle film :wink:

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As suspected, they’ve used the H2. Nice they’ve included the gpz too

Looks good. I love the original, we watch it every Christmas.

I miss Zulu and Spartacus around the festive season :frowning:

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lol I’m not sold on it.

I mean how can you follow on that story with no war…

By the looks of the suit collar he has on, it’s got a next-gen aircraft plot.

Yeah, it’s weird. He’s flying F-18s which are already dated, and the trailer right at the end makes reference to the F-14 not being extinct yet, but he’s wearing something definitely fictional for a fighter plane…

Maybe there were some surplus uniforms from Buck Rodgers.

Also the original film was 1986, so 34 years ago. Given that the character would have been about 25~30, he’d be 60 or 65. Doubt the US Navy would still allow him to fly.

I want to go and see it at one of them open air cinimas. :cowboy_hat_face:

You know this is fiction and not a documentary… :wink:

Noooooooo. That’s my bubble burst :sob::sob::sob:

So, from the trailer they’re just setting it in a different place but everything else is pretty much the same? Cheesy lines, motorbike vs airplane race, airplane fight, beach volleyball…

What exactly is new other than Tom’s wrinkles and the fact he’s now part of a cult?