Top Gear

Anyone else feel that they could be better spending our license fee on not spending god knows how many thousand pounds on crashing a space rocket?

…just a thought :S

And Clarkson was a bit out of order with the response to the 1098…

Not seen this episode yet, but I already know it’s YES

I thought it was funny Lets sort out the milking scum in England sending money home and bleeding us dry, thats right England will be bled dry soon

So did I


Me too! And they finally got a motorcycle onto Top Gear, albeit briefly and with a predictable outcome

was definatley funny! just wait to see the letters in MCN, it seems motorcyclists love to feel victimised and have a reaction. hehe. “The Daily MCN” it should be called. I was just pleased Hammond tried it!

I was waiting for Mr Clarkson to do something

We all know he hates bikes


Yep, the Bike… an excellent touch - people have been saying for a long time, that Bikes should be on TopGear more… and it is a 2:1 ratio of bikers to haters on the show

… lol at Clarkson though, I think he’s an opinionated twat… but he’s funny sometimes… buggered that board though

I thought that was the funniest thing I’ve seen on tv in a long time, genius! If you missed it you have to watch the repeat.

I also thought it was comedy value. Hamster tries his best bless him.

I only caught the last half of it tonight, myself and my mates thought the rocket was very impressive.

Good on Hammond sneaking a bike in there. Clarkson was as always…

I thought it was funny as i always do. As soon has Hammond showed the picture of a bike you knew Clarkson was going to do something to distroy it. H eonly does it because hes jelous that he cant ride a bike.

Making a space rocket out of a Robin Reliant? I thought it was fecking rubbish.

And the Hamster shouldn’t have bothered with the 1098, it just gives that fat gimp Clarkson an opportunity to take the p1ss.

IMO, this is the worst series of the programme so far, I even thought last week’s American Road-Trip, was pretty poor, funny for 5 minutes, but soon got very very boring.

I’m split on this one - sometimes it can be very funny ( even Clarkson )

But 80% of the time I find it crass and contrived with Clarkson treating the audience like half-wits ( he is not a people-presenter )

But since Clarkson co-produced this new version of TG and pitched the idea in the first place he made sure he looks great - and can take the piss out of everyone else, for instance.

Clarkson really hated the idea of the normal ex-racing car driver who usually co presents the show - too much of a theat you see…

… so he invents ‘Stig’ as a puppet (muppet) who drives and says nowt…perfect for Mr C.

Then he hires someone short ( Hammond) who he can push around ( notice that when Jezza speaks Hamster shuts up at the sound of his masters voice ) - It’s a sort of Blackadder - Baldrick team.

May is very good IMHO and takes the (gentle ) piss out of Clarkson - but I’d like to see someone really stand up to him… bikes stand no chance being represented by Hammond ( nice guy though he is ).

Mind you it’s a big success story for the BBC - 350 million viewers worldwide… can’t argue with that.

sorry but that rocket was p*ss poor.

clarkson has already admitted he doesn’t actually hate bikes as much as he makes out, its just for the banter with the presenters.

thought it was quite funny

Wednesday BBC2 at 7pm

OK, NOT a serious motoring program, but it WAS the funniest thing I have seen on TV or a while; the rocket - doomed to failure from the start, it was all so obvious, that the outcome was truly hilarious! Not to everyones tastes, obviously,but I liked it…

Hamster flying the plane into the window - I nearly fell of the chair! A very well staged stunt. Well funny, IMHO!

clarkson (small c) - (the fat twat with the big gob who never tells the British Motorist anything useful - except, perhaps, that Cavaliers were crap) another well scripted stunt with a chain saw, that was funny even though it was 100% predictable.

One day, brothers and sister, one day, come the revolution, one day - we SHALL have a bike program on a mainstream channel the masses can watch. At a reasonable hour, too! One day, brothers and sisters, clarkson will get what is coming to him; Total Humiliation with a bucket of liquidised dog **** over his head…

Much better use of the fee than most of the boooorrrrriiiiinnnnggggg soaps! Soap was invented for washing, and goodness knows the TV shows could do with some cleansing… /Rant off…

Do you eat the Daily Mail for breakfast or something?

“we SHALL have a bike program on a mainstream channel the masses can watch”

Yeah, because it is so mainstream and a good investment of a channel’s finances. I’d like to see bike programmes, but it’s far from commercially viable and whilst only a tiny percentage of the population is into bikes it’ll never happen.