Top Gear

Whenever i watch Top Gear i always wonder how a competitive biker would do on the timed lap they do each week.
Would LB be interested in approaching Top Gear to see how bike would compare to the super cars they race each week
Just an idea
Too scared to approach them myself in case they offer me a lap on TV as I would embarrass the Biking world with my poor performance.
Unless its a straight line i am officially useless
Anyone want to volunteer?

actually the intelligence from Top Gear is that they don’t do bikes at all. Full stop. It’s too much of a ‘distraction’ from the main show - we’ve talked to them recently about other things…


maybe a challenge would appeal to their competitive streak
I thought the Hamster was a biker?

That sounds like a good idea big bad ox and whenever they race a bike against a car which is a cost of a 3 bedroom house its always a 600 they never put a thousand on. if i had a bigger bike i’ll be up for it but i have no experience on track as im 17 and cant go on a track till 18 and ride a lil 125 so im out of the question.

5th gear did it recently and the bikes dont always do that well. Did like the F1 car v World Superbike v Offshore F1. Raced at the City Airport. F1 car pissed over everyone, amazing to see.

Hampster and James are bikers

Mind I PMSL at the amphibious car thing they did. What a bunch of knackers.

You have to admit, they do have one of the best jobs in the world.

I am pretty sure my V-max would measure up to anything they could throw at me in a straight line but to do us all proud we would want a GP pro to throw his 2 wheels into the mix.

I think it would make great TV

fully agree

thoroughly enjoyed the amphibians last night especially the sinking of the “toybota”

The cars will always win, they have traction on their side. Bikes are more fun, but cars are faster around those sorts of circuits. We just like to think bikes are naturally faster because we can go quicker in a straight line (unless the other car is a Ferrari or Bugatti).

True but if you did a test as in money wise if u put a £10,000 car up against a £10,000 bike theres no question whos going to win you have to spend so much money on a car to have one which is as fast as a bike.

But the GP bikes have traction control, launch control and all that, ROSSI (on his old yammy) vs Schumacher Vs Collin McCrae Vs the STIG (in the Enzo) - what a race!

It would be a great race and heres the RESULTS:

1.Schumacher winning with enough time to make a earl grey tea
2.STIG and McCrae spending most of the race fighting it out
3.With ROSSI in a very close last hoping McCrae doesn’t powerslid him into a gravel trap

On Fifth Gear about 18 months ago they did a test of (I think) a Lamborghini Murcielago vs A Ducati 999. The rider was freelance MCN tester Kev Smith and I’m pretty sure the track was Anglesey. Anyway he beat the Lambo so then they brought out one of those engine in a frame type race cars a bit like a Caterham, but more advanced, and just about managed to go faster than the Ducati, it was very close though.

So, on that occassion the bike at least beat the Lambo. F1 cars with their aerodynamics producing huge levels of grip both for braking and cornering are always going to lap quicker but it would be very interesting to see which road cars a good rider on a good road bike (GSX-R1000 say) could beat round the track!

So is Frankie Clarkson Jeremy’s wife !

Probably explains a bit of the Power Ranger abuse we get . . .

did you see those three reprebates last night with their amphibi things, what total knob thought that on up?

how can i get a job like that?

According to an interview in the Sunday Times a couple of months ago with Hamster and James, they have both approached Clarkeon about allowing bikes on the show, however, he dislikes them so much that he has refused and continues to do so. :frowning:

Hamster is a biker indeed! He used to present bike programs on Men&Motors and he’s always wearing a Dainese jacket. Jeremy hates bikes and on his words he wants bikers to die! I don’t respect him for that, there was a petition to take him off the show going on with thousands of signatures.

Anyway the show is great entertainment and will carry on as the constantly increased badget proves.

Our bikes wouldn’t stand a chance against the super cars they would put us against. The majority do near or over 250mph…

In my opinion they changed the show completely and now it’s a kind of high badget comedy about nice cars. Test and review a car seriously? They don’t do! Put car against car from a same category and compare then? they never did! It has to be 6cc and fast to be great… I still watching the show tohugh

We are very lucky that we get our bikes compared to the last gram of weight and by many different journalists and experts. We love then and we can buy them! How many viewers from 5th gear can buy what they like on telly??? Even second hand one?

We are real!

(Sorry , I really don’t like Jeremy)

Alledgedly, Clarkson is going for his CBT…wether as a joke or something i don’t know…

The problem with these ‘shoot-outs’ they are never balanced and faired…

They use cars that we could never afford in reality and rarely come across in real life and bike shows are just as guilty, pairing up powerful bikes against run of the mill affordable ‘sportscars’ (Focus STi’s, Imprezas etc)

Each mode of transport has it’s own benefits and pro’s/con’s…

just so happens we picked the best one!