Top Gear new presenters


Haven’t really watched much of top gear since Clarkson and the others left, nor have I watched their new series… Just spotted this headline and it took me by surprise, mainly how silly it sounds

BBC News - Top Gear: McGuinness and Flintoff announced as new hosts


have not watched this since the other 3 left. Matt LaBlac really pissed me off with his attitude to the cenotaph and I lost any respect for him and them at that point.


whats a top gear? :grimacing:


Mcguinness is alright. Flintoff is a car nut. MLB leaving is a shame as he and Harris had a good thing developing. I like Harris but TG is choking him. Let him do his natural thing he does on youtube and you will see a great review etc instead of old TG style crap


That thing you need to twist the throttle more to get to… :wink::stuck_out_tongue:
Come on Pan, too easy…


I think they are still flogging a dead horse. Even before the other three clowns moved on they’d done the format to death. I think only schoolboys enjoy this drivel and that goes for The Grand Tour too.


The last episode of Top Gear that I watched was the December 2009 Bolivia Special. I was bored of Top Gear by that series, but that was an especially good program, but stop watching after that as it was not really offering anything special.


I defo think there is a gap for some decent car (and bike) programming. But TG stopped being about cars ages ago.

Oh, and Clarkson is an A1 knob, always has been.




Haha, Paddy a car show host. Gives a new meaning to Take Me Out.