Top Gear last night

Anyone else see the ‘race across London’ test in Top Gear last night… was a race between pushbike, public transport, boat and a car from richmond to city airport.

Results were: 1) Pushbike 2) boat (a 75mph powerboat by the way…) 3) Public Transport 4) car.

one glaring omission though…no motorbike!!!

Surely because they knew this would completely obliterate all of the above…

I agree, Hammond also had to work really hard on the bike and he got really wound up too, shouting at the traffic. Not surprising the car came last in the rush hour, try it again at 5am and see what the result would be !

i met them three at the mph show this sunday!! was a well good show!!

In fairness, they knew well that a motorbike would have obliterated everything else, so would have been no “fair” chance for anyone else. Nice to see the bike win.

Yes, MPH show was good, I saw it at Earl’s Court, but won’t be paying £33 for the privilege next year. Just not worth the money. I’d rather go to NEC Bike show for that!

yea was well fun, I could not understand why they did not use a scooter or bike as its a form of Transport and RH is a biker too. Saying that if you had to pick one I would go for speed boat James Bond stylie every where lol!

Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t like motorbikes. I would guess that’s got something to do with it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the power boat was just point less, who actually uses one, it should have been Push bike, Public Transport, car and motorcycle or even a scooter.

Also the car would have been much quicker without the Satnav pilot and someone with a good London knowledge :smiley:

I know people that do use boats to commute to work, just not speed boats that ferry people along at 75mph!

I would have loved to have raced Clarkson along that route on my bike, I do that exact route everyday pretty much

Same here, pretty much do the route Hammond took on the push bike (though I skip riding through Knightsbridge and come up via the uxbridge road into town.)

Did love the Looney Toon on rockret powered roller blades though.:smiley:

hehe yeah that was mental! got to get him for the bulldog bash next year!

You’ve got to love Top Gear :slight_smile: I enjoyed last nights show, though for sure they know they would have got creamed by someone on a scooter at legal speeds, let alone a sports bike at er, more realistic speeds.

According to press reports back in the summer when they filmed that Clarkson pranged the boat and had to be towed in by the Port of London people.

And what a shame for the poor chap with his lambo !! I didnt snigger…much :D:)

i missed it as i was driving my bus boo hisss

Get a Kwaka if you’re not happy with the gixxer, they handle really well :wink:

:w00t: it was a shame i didn’t laugh ether :wink: much :smiley:

I always enjoy Top Gear and last night they should of had a motorbike in the race.

Awwww, no fair, dont get shows like this out here - all dodgey game shows and Frost in italian… grrr