Top Gear is on

just a PSA.

cue the whining about how it’s not a proper car show

its fuking awesome!!! Best show on TV!

and racing legends about colin mcrae is on at ten o clock:D

When are they doing to drive the S60 Polestar?

That Pagani hoooorah - what a car.

+1, No contest, and no, it’s not a proper car show, not sure they are even really trying, which makes it all the better.

James May is 50? surely that puts him WAY over the hill

And Sundays are back… Out for a ride on the bike, nice dinner and TopGear! All thats neded now is for the GP to start again! Perfect!:smiley:

I think May is the only one worth watching. Clarkson and Hammond are just so predictable, and seem increasingly desperate to get laughs. Saw a programme the other week with Hammond playing with demolition machinery, and it was embarrassing to watch.

+1 getting too formulaic!

I got a look at on iplayer last night. The Pagini was ok but Clarksons film on his P45 was dire. It was the same as when he looked at the P50. I really think that 75% of the show is devoted to flogging a dead horse.

Boring!.. You might as well show me a programme about £10m properties, £50k world cruises or whatever. If there’s no serious prospect of me being able to own many of the featured motors it doesn’t interest me. A programme for the masses should show vehicles for the masses - interesting stuff like hot hatches, bikes, modifying, bangernomics etc, not some £gazillion Lamborgini that’s some wealthy Arab’s summer toy.

top gear should start doing bikes as well… :slight_smile:

That’s what Top Gear was like back in the 80’s when people had less money and smaller egos. - they reviewed vauxhall cavaliers and volkswagen golfs and if you were lucky they might road test a cosworth sierra. The show was a bit bland and boring to be honest.

Then in the 90’s Steve Berry had a ten minute slot on the show featuring motorbikes.

Then in the late 90’s and the first decade of the 21st century capitalism got itself completely deregulated and went into overdrive, credit got easy and everything went super bling and peoples aspirations and egos got inflated and Top Gear reflected that.

Now the house of cards has fallen down and we are in global recession maybe Top Gear (as you say) is left looking a bit excessive and supporting a set of values (ego, greed and reckless consumption) which are now being called into question and actively discredited.

To give the show it’s due it is brilliantly produced, the production standards are excellent and you don’t have to be into cars to find it entertaining.

But yeah - maybe now the show should lower it’s sights a little to be more relevant to the guy in the street - it could also reflect the fact that the last ten years has seen a lot more people opting for two wheels and it could still be as funny and entertaining as it has been during the bling years.

I can’t afford to build my own house but I still enjoy watching grand designs.

I do worry that they are flogging a tired formula and too much is staged. I lost interest last year after being a proper devoted fan and haven’t seen a recent episode in ages. No interest in this series either.

I do enjoy the older episodes on Dave though. Some of them are proper interesting and ‘honest’. Now they’re just too self indulgent and Hammond looks ridiculous every time I’ve seen an advert.

I reckon the people in the audience are mostly golf playing Daily Mail readers too. :slight_smile:

considering some of the girls at the front, I wish I’d taken up golf then :stuck_out_tongue:

They still look vaguely right wing. :hehe:

Awesome, probably means they have a dungeon :hehe: