Top Gear in Romania

I only recently watched the Top Gear episode that showed the Romanian “amazing road” honestly I can’t remember if I saw it before… looks great but I am just wondering what the surface is like, could be dirty and I think they tend to close the road during the winter period.

Anyhow here it is:

You’re not likely to have seen it before Sunday since that’s the first time it aired.

did anyone else think that Sundays episode was way abit crap? :ermm:

KTM martin did that road and so did my dad. I asked him about it and he said it was really really awesome. I want to do it next summer but i cant on my own :frowning:

:slight_smile: no I meant I can’t remember driving or seeing that road… since I used to live there about 100 years ago:) there are quite a few roads like that over there, shame the country still needs major road attention. The motorways there are actually dual carriage ways with zebra crossings and all… might get a horse and carriage also.

On the other hand KTMs and most super motos would be great over there.

It was a whole lot better than I was expecting, given the last series.

But, yeah, I still generally prefer watching several-year-old reruns to the more recent series.

you know I love that comment:

“when God created Romania, Saint Peter asked him: why is this the most beautiful country? this is not fair to the other countries.
God responded: stay calm, peter, i will populate it with Romanians…”

Honestly the country is amazing, it has proper mountains and beaches, you can go skiing in winter and backing your ass off in the summer but the country is so badly managed, I wish it was a dominion or taken by the Germans in the war. Guess that many years of communism does that to you. They should be milking the tourism industry.

Cracking roads and ,believe it or not, a cracking country.
Spent a very happy year there. A lot of the roads are terrible and the ring road around Bucharest is one of the most depressing stretches of road anywhere. People living on rubbish tips on the outskirts of the city…
I hope it gets some of the good press it deserves. Romanians are not all thieves and scoundrels and are , in fact , some of the kindest people Ive met.

I did the Stelvio Passe last year, but I think this is the one to beat.

That looked awesome.

It has always been scripted but as of late it is becoming more obvious and less believable

Its been forever and a day since I posted on LB but that road and those cars are Awesome…

…Time for a ROAD TRIP methinks

I’ll come for translations… but after watching that film it seems even the little gypsy kids speak English:)