Top Gear Argentina row

Instead of all the ‘Did they, didn’t they’ nonsense, why doesn’t someone run an HPi check if the car was indeed UK registered at the time of the incident, or submit an FoI request to the BBC to find out if the plate had been changed before they did the shoot?

It’s only Argentina and Clarkson … What is there to care about ?


We all know its the type of thing Claarkson & TG would come up with - both of which are well past their best before date :pinch:

The BBC bought that car with that registration from Surrey based Rennsport classics in August…

The fact that we talking about it means more success for Clarkson. He certainly appears to be a bigot and harbours right-wing fews, as do many. Whoever is behind the whole thing is a genius because its been very successful, I have to say, regardless to how ‘old-hat’ the whole gig is now, I love it! :cool:

Most of the knockers of TG and JC dont realise whats going on. Its akin the movie Blazzin Saddles - its not racist, its taking the p1ss out of racists and racism.

I don’t read the newspapers haven’t don’t for years
What may or may not have happened will greatly be exaggerated or ignored by the press until something else comes along to do the same thing
They won’t find out the true facts unless it benefits them what topgear May or may not have done who cares I don’t

I used to be a huge TG fan but the last few series have been less about the cars and more about the presenters being funny. Don’t get me wrong, I love JC and his views crack me up, i don’t think he is racist, just very clever at keeping in the public eye and therefore employed!
But saying that I think TG has run its course and needs a format change to get it back to being a car review show and not a comedy programme.

I disagree. We are talking about it because it’s a current affair which we have an opinion on.

Unless of course earlier in the year Claarkson had a TG production meeting where he went “Guys…Guys, I need to increase my popularity on Metropolitan biker forums… lets brain storm”… and now as a result Markinderby & NumNum have booked tickets for the next TG live show and both have stuck ‘I <heart> Claarkson’ stickers on their 125’s. Direct success for Claarkson and KEERCHING in his wallet…!

Although, I must say Ebola has done well hasn’t it, look how many people are talking about that… Claarksons next TG brainstorm is going to be an EPIC in itself to beat that… :w00t:

Top Gear for me is a ‘last resort’ programme when there’s nothing else on the box. It’s more about poncing around in the kind of cars that get the window-lickers excited… those who hang around Harrods on a Saturday afternoon, or around Kensington on a summer evening with their camera-phones ready to upload the latest vinyl-wrapped Saudi status symbol up to You Tube.

Top Gear used to be about so much more, but it’s been boring for a long time now.

I’ll have one of these please :cool: … A car for people who are really into their cars!

Mark, I agree, both on the Escort and Top Gear :smiley: I’ve been watching re-runs on DAVE from about 3 or 4 years ago (when they still had the Cool Wall) and they are funny but still about the cars, I watched one from the last series I have on record the other day and it was just an ego rubbing show for the presenters showing how great they are at driving around a track in fast cars and who can tell the stupedist joke, it all feels so rehearsed and planned out nowadays whereas the old shows still felt slightly ad-libbed

Ebola meh , more chance of dying from a bad batch of scallops from sainsburys .

TG is hardly Current Affairs in the big scheme of things is it? :smiley: and thats my point, taking the programs antics as CA’s is stretching things quite a bit, its become a spoof like a Mel Brookes movie. JC is clearly working the old adage of ‘any publicity is good publicity’. Us discussing the matter makes it current, thats how the business they’re in works.

OK, thanks for explaining that - I’ll just pop an email over to Reuters to let them know aswell and tell them not to mention TG & Argentina again on any of their news feeds… :wink:

Let’s hope that never happens. How boring is a car review program?

TG is good because it isn’t really about reviewing cars, that is an aside to the program. Which is good, I have a passing interest in flash and expensive cars, but that is all. I don’t really want to know the nitty gritty details of vehicles that I have no interest in.

top gear was always about that kind of stuff. That’s why it was good!!
If I want to watch a comedy I would watch only fools and horses!

You know I have every season of Top Gear, and when you watch the early episodes, it is simply boring. Getting advice on how what deals you can get from dealers from a fat bloke? Getting an in-depth review on a car you have no intention of ever buying? No thank you! How many times a year do you buy a second hand car? How many times do you buy a brand new car?

Consumer advice on a weekly television program on cars, is as pointless as you can imagine. They can never hope to provide either the level of detail on each vehicle, nor the wealth of information on a range of cars provided by an ‘average’ website, let alone a good one.

When it became Hammond, May and Clarkson, it became an entertainment program.

If I want consumer advice, the internet provides me with more information than I could ever hope to absorb. What I want from an hour long entertainment show, is to be entertained. The fact that cars are involved seems to confuse people into thinking that this is a review or a consumer show, it isn’t, it is entertainment.

Just because Only Fools and Horses is a great comedy show, doesn’t mean that no-one else can ever make an entertainment show. According to that logic, there should be 5 programs in existence, a comedy, a horror, a drama, a musical and a sci-fi program, because apparently you only need 1 of each.

What no porn :w00t:

and when will the Argentinian Special be broadcast?

I have to say i want them to review the cars aswell but if they would do just that then we would be watching a ford fiesta review which will be very boring.

We all know that best part of top gear is the news and when theu dosomething together. Some of the challanges they do make me laugh more than any comedy.

I do… That’s why I stopped watching it :frowning:

I really like to know everything about cars and bikes, and I don’t drive and I’ve had the same bike in 5 years :smiley:
don’t mind a bit of comedy here and there, but now they’ve really lost the plot

Haven’t watched it in years. It did get a bit repetitive, and I think that last series I watched was 14.

As for Argentina, perhaps they should sort out there crippled economy and deal with there social issues rather than wasting time sabre rattling over Islands that have been British for nearly 185 years. The islanders have said they want to remain British. If they want to complain about their dead they should not have invaded.