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What a to$$er! Totally oblivious to the first bus that went by. Nearly stuck the 2nd bus on the pavement! Didnt look like he saw the 2nd one until he nearly hit it! Most of us luv stunting, but I’d happily see this prtat hung for this. When someone else gets killed, he tell anyone that is stupid enough to listen that it weren’t his fault!I cannot believe that the Bus drivers would be daft enough to get that close. But I bet, like me, that the Bus driver was expecting the to$$er to see a gr8 big yellow Bus coming along and stop.

IMHO and adding my

well said!

the biker’s legs must have been tired.

GOF your sig - Mallrats, Broady rules :smiley: Stan Lee is god


biker, :laugh: classic!

Other favourites from Mallrats…

“I would do it myself, but I put my back out fu©king your mom. Noodge!”


“That girl is 15”
“She told me she was 27. Come on, tell me you wouldn’t have popped her”


sorry hijack!

You forgot ‘he wants to do her in an uncomfortable place’ ‘what a VW?’

Bens the Bomb!!! snoochie boochies fly fat arse fly! he lurveeeeeees the c*ck

cough* it’s a recognised illness :stuck_out_tongue: He’s one of my ‘friends’ on myspace :smiley: I have the buddy christ :smiley: I want the noddy heads! read his blogs, hey does Stan Lee have a myspazz? going to go and find out me

Definitely I prefer Indian guy on a bicycle, I luv that style of stunts.

FirebladePaul please teach me that! :smiley:

That guy on pushbike aren’t an Iraqi either. :hehe:


Pav - twas replying to GoF - it’s a Kevin Smith thing. :slight_smile: