top boxes and all that gubbins

morning! :slight_smile:

i recently bought a gsx750f and am missing the top box i had on my last bike. sadly i left the mounting plate on the last bike (it was wrecked and i was tired!) so i now have a great krauser k5 top box but no way of mounting it to the new bike.

parts seem to be prohibitively expensive and i will end up paying around £200 just for the plate and the rack, which is madness.

any ideas? i could sell the krauser and start again, but wouldn’t know where to begin or what make is good. or if you guys know of anywhere i can get hold of cheap parts, that would really help. :w00t:

or maybe you want a krauser top box! it’s in great condition and takes 2 helmets plus a jacket and 2 pairs of gloves. it’s their range topping box (or at least it was).

thank you!


Try the below link for starters. Givi are one of (if not) the best luggage systems available.

I know there not the cheapest, but very good.

Have you tried ebay both UK and Germany. Some German sellers do send to the UK.

lovely, thanks guys, i’ll try both those…

I must say, I’m not crazy about my Givi - it’s not closed on the first try even once since I bought it :frowning:

Hard luggage and mounting plates cost an absolute fortune. It’s just one of those things. Even second hand nothing seems to go cheap on ebay.